Monday, February 12, 2007

Our Nationals Want YOU To Be President!!

The Racing Presidents were a big hit at RFK Stadium Last year. So much so, that The Lovable Loser, Teddy Roosevelt--had fans wearing "Run, Teddy, Run!!" T-Shirts by the end of the 2006 season. Alas, Teddy would go down winless for the season.

Washington Nationals Team President, Stan Kasten, is enamored with "The Racing Rushmores" and plans on using them more and more as Faces Of The Franchise. Now, with the 2007 season about to begin, Our Washington Nationals are looking for some fresh faces, and strong bodies to play participants in the races and other team events.

Over at, an ad posted says contact the Nats at if you are interested. But, you must be at least 5'7" in height, be able to run from the right field corner at RFK to Home Plate, wear a costume that weights appoximately 45lbs. and, most importantly, give up half of the game you are attending to participate.

From personal experience, The African Queen and I had a wonderful time last September 4th, Labor Day, during the Nationals Game versus The St. Louis Cardinals. In fact, that was the game Ramon Ortiz carried a No Hitter into the 9th. And, I did not realize a No Hitter was happening until about the 7th inning. Sohna and I didn't return to our seats until the end of the 5th--with everyone in Section 320 asking us about the race.

No doubt, the costume is top heavy and awkward, difficult to run in. I was Abe Lincoln and Abe's chin drops so low, it blocks your view while running. But, its a blast. I would do it again, if asked. When leaving the field after the race, the amount of attention from fans, and especially kids while you are walking up the steps to the exit, is unbelievable.

I would highly recommend applying for your chance. Being a Racing President for one game is well worth your time. The fun at the ballpark is all about the experiences.


JammingEcono said...

I think you may have read that wrong, SBF. The last requirement on the ad is:

"Availability for at least half of the Nationals home games"

To my (admittedly addled) mind, that sounds like you have to be on-call for at least 41 dates.

Screech's Best Friend said...

jammingecono: You may be right. I was reading it differently. I didn't realize they are making the job a paid position. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. I had a blast being George.
I was winning until my character decided to shake hands with all the SF Giant players in the dugout.

Jim H said...

I'm so disappointed...I had my mail ready to go (a fellow section 320 member)...and re-read the "half the games" requirement. I typically make more than half, but can't commit, unfortunately. Perhaps they'll take an ad-hoc e-mail or two.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Jim: Don't be disappointed. Send in and apply anyway. You might be surprised. I am sure there will be ad hoc pick ups. Get your name on the list, if you really want to do it.

Anonymous said...

You mean there are PEOPLE inside?!?

Anonymous said...

I want to veer off topic and talk about the food service and souvenir service.

Obviously the food company needs to be changed and already a change will be in place for 2008 not naming the company the Nationals have selected.

The souvenir company is a different story.I feel that the current vendor FMI has done a wonderful job with the souvenirs and should not be changed.Yet the Nation als have not let FMI make a presentation for the new ballpark,doing everything the team has asked of the them,going as far as opening two team stores,which have absolutely no chance of making money doing whatever the Nats of them.

Hey Stan..and I know you read the blogs..let FMI have there say.FMI has done the job.Do you read word one about the souvenirs.Everybody complains about the food..but not the souvenirs.

Anon E Mous.