Monday, August 25, 2008

One For The Record Books

When The Los Angeles Dodgers visit New Nationals Park beginning Tuesday Night, I will be 2000 miles away in Denver, covering The 2008 Democratic National Convention--where I have been since early Sunday Morning. Yeah, I know, it is amazing and incredible news. Our Team President Stan Kasten was quite stunned when I informed him on this matter last Wednesday Morning. For the first time in The History Of Our Washington Nationals, SBF is actually missing an entire Home Series. Yes, it's true.

All Thanks To Barack.

Of course, Mr. Kasten recovered nicely when he was informed that The African Queen will still be there representing us in Section 218 this week. Gotta give Sohna credit--she's stepping up--just for me. In fact, Sohna HAS NOT MISSED A SINGLE GAME ALL SEASON.

As much as I want to be here in Colorado for Mr. Obama's acceptance speech, it will just not be the same--not sitting in my customary seat at New Nationals Park--knowing The Dodgers are playing on South Capital Street. I really wanted to see Manny Ramirez play against Manny Ramirez, Jr. (Ronnie Belliard--Our Number 10 has always idolized his Senior). But, business calls and this is a very important assignment. Many might say--an historic moment this coming Thursday Evening at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver. Being in the news business--Barack Obama accepting the Democratic Party Nomination to become The President Of The United States--simply can't be beat to watch--IN PERSON.

Yes, This Is A Good One. One for The American Record Books. And I am honored to be here to watch--despite breaking a personal record of my very own.

May Our Washington Nationals survive a few days without me attending home games--in person. And, as Mr. Kasten stated upon hearing the news--"If we win all three games of the series, I am not letting you back into this ballpark!" And yes, he was just joking.

Finally, please say hello to Sohna, if you see her over the next few days at New Nationals Park. I would appreciate the gesture--greatly.


Keith said...

I imagine that if our guys sweep while you're away, you'll be doing some of your own serious superstitious soul searching. If you find yourself in the middle of a sleepless night of doubt over whether or not your presence at the park is the cause of our many woes, just come back to the park for our benefit. It's a bit disturbing when your seats are empty, the same as if we drove down Constitution and the Washington Monument was gone. Makes it hard to focus on the game.

I was in a biz similar to yours and had the pleasure of working the '88 DNCC in Atlanta. I actually had an in-depth policy discussion with former President Carter. It went like this:

"Hello Mr. President."
"Umm hi. Would you please talk naturally while we ring out your lav mic?"
"What? Oh. Ok sure.

I get goosebumps just telling that story!

You're in the middle of something big there. Take a lot of notes and don't worry about losing so much sleep. That's what airplane rides home are for. We'll hold down the fort here and check on TAQ. Go get'em.

Anonymous said...

Have Fun!!Worry not... You & TAQ always have a reserved space in National Park. PP

Anonymous said...

Have Fun!!Worry not... You & TAQ always have a reserved space in National Park. PP

An Briosca Mor said...

SBF, you will be convincing Barack that he absolutely must throw out the opening pitch next season at Nationals Park while you're out there, won't you? If you don't, your entire trip will have been in vain.

Bonus points if you can convince VP candidate Biden to give into male pattern baldness the Manny Acta way. (Come-and-go goatee optional.)

Anonymous said...

A great streak is sadly broken. A good reason, though, for sure.

I have to believe you still have the claim to most Nats home games attended.

Have a great trip and I second ABM on the last point. Corner that Cubs fan and get a commitment to the annual first pitch.

Anonymous said...

AQ - I spoke by phone with SBF and let him know that I have a seat for you in the Suite for Tuesday and Wednesday night. I have some interesting people coming both nights that you can take pics with.

It is a shame that SBF will miss the fun in the Big 10!!!!---but I think he may be having his own fun with history.

Take care, Andrew

SenatorNat said...

If he mentions "bolstering the chances of the less fortunate, thoseeverydeay falling even farther behind, the downtrodden, the hurt, the almost completely forgotten in our midst," show him your Nationals jersey - so he knows that you can identify with those he must be referring to! (Joke)

Trust in the St. Louis Cardinals - or is it the Kansas City Royals? All too similar...

Anonymous said...

Damn work!
I always gets in the way of life!

paul said...

You could have had a foul ball! From my vantage point it looks like Sohna muffed it. . . .

Please don't jinx anyone out there!

Anonymous said...

What streak??? Both of you missed games before. I know, I sat in your section.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Paul: Sohna says that at the very moment she was about to retrieve the ball, some guy ran across the seats and knocked her to the side and deflected the ball back over the ledge. She wasn't too happy about it. But, oh well. There will be other chances.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:46 I have come to every single game this season, every single one. If you have any question about that, and you have a problem with that come and say it to my face at Nationals Park. Don't continue to hide anonymously, so that when I do plan to miss a game, in the future, I can inform you personally. The pettiness of some is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love it. The "Streak" is being questioned.

The honesty and integrity of SBF and the AQ are beyond reproach.

Anon, attending every game doesn't mean you must sit in a particular seat from the Star Spangled Banner to the last out so just because you don't see them visually doesn't mean they are not there.

SBF and the AQ have sat with me several games in my Suite and in the President's Club a couple of times and our next adventure is my 1st row seats in the outfield Section 104 when Elijah is back in LF.

The adventure is part of the journey so getting different perspectives is a must!

Who is up for The Red Porch?

By the way, winner winner chicken dinner!