Monday, August 18, 2008

Ladies Night--The Second Go Round

This Party, already pumping, went into overdrive when Lastings Milledge and Willie Harris strutted out on the dance floor. Unexpectedly, and without fanfare, they started grooving to the music playing. And many of the women on hand cheered on the spectacle. These two players for Our Washington Nationals were under the red party tent in Garage B at New Nationals Park. The Reason, Ladies Night. The Pre-Game Party set up for Women, who are Fans, or have an interest, In Major League Baseball and Our Washington Nationals. The second such get together this year. This was last Thursday Night, August 14th.

The opportunity for like minded women to get together and share their passion for the game. Our Numbers 44 and 1 were on hand to sign autographs and take pictures with the many attendees--nearly 1000 strong. And their dance moves just before leaving--added to the festive mood.

From 5PM until just after Game Time this past Thursday Night against The New York Mets--The Women enjoyed Wine, Beer and Tea Tastings.

An assortment of foods from various vendors--including Hard Times Cafe with their well liked Chili Nachos; Morton's of Chicago serving Filet Mignon; finger foods and--of course ---Dwayne Herndon and his staff at Noah's Pretzels were on hand, as always--offering hot Curly "W" Pretzels in Cinnamon or Salt varieties

Food, drink, dance and autographs were not the only offerings. Nail Manicures and Massages were also available for free. And the ladies from Slumber Parties were back with their assortment of goodies, as well as, The Savvy Girls of Summer with their well known book--"It Takes More Than Balls". A Baseball Book from a woman's perspective.

Sohna enjoys attending this event and she has found many other women who believe Ladies Nights at New Nationals Park is a Big Hit. Hopefully, Our Washington Nationals will continue this gathering for years to come. Obviously, there is a following. Just look at at the pictures. They perfectly describe the fun many are having at Ladies Night.

Ladies Night is a good time and that's what this party was all about.

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