Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Team Versus Our Former Players

Our Right Fielder misplays a liner right at him--letting two runners score.

Our Second Baseman throws to the wrong base.

Our Second Baseman also fails to cover the base with a slow runner coming to the bag--after an excellent throw from Our Leftfielder.

Our Centerfielder drops a hard hit grounder with a chance to throw out that slow runner at the plate. But, to be fair, makes a nice catch on a run to the wall in the bottom of the 5th inning.

One of Our Relievers throws a pitch out and Our Catcher drops it for a passed ball.

Our Former Centerfielder smacks a Home Run to Dead Center--that misplayed liner to right and a sacrifice fly--to knock in four runs.

Our Former Starting Catcher knocks in one run and scores another--when Our Centerfielder dropped that ball.

Our Former 2nd Baseman and Pinch Hitter scores on that sacrifice fly for the final run of the evening.

Our Centerfielder also strikes out on three straight pitches with runners on 1st and 2nd with one out and down one run. Our Centerfielder showing Zero Plate Discipline--with the game on the line.

Our Franchise Player hammers a nice Two Run Home Run.

But, Our Starting Pitcher gives up 12 hits in six innings.

Which must only leave Our Manager sullen over the night's effort.

Because tonight everyone witnessed, Our Former Washington Nationals simply beating Our Current Washington Nationals.

Final Score Tonight from Shea Stadium--Our Former Players--My Main Man!!, Schneiderman and Marlon Anderson helping to score six for The New York Mets. Our Team consisting of Zimmerman & everybody else--just three.

And to think--tomorrow Our Washington Nationals get to bat against one of Our Former Starters--Claudio Vargas.

Tonight's In Game Photo--(AP) Frank Franklin II


Anonymous said...

Let's see--Lastings Milledge, hitting .245, one homer, 13 RBIs, two errors plus plenty of misjudged flyballs and lousy throws from the outfield. Ryan Church, hitting .324, 8 homers, 30 RBIs, no errors, playing solid defense in the outfield. Church is an all star and Milledge is a hot dog. Way to go Bodes!

SenatorNat said...

It is far too early to make a judgment call on the biggest trade Bow-Bow has made in his 4 year tenure with the Nats, but as a snapshot, it is a disaster - one rivaling the Denny McClain trade which actually led to the Senators leaving for Texas. The idea of SBF's Main Man Ryan Church becoming for the first quarter of the 2008 everything AND MORE that he and Nats fans saw as potential should Nats brass get off his back and let him relax and play EVERYDAY leaves me with some real melancholy. Couple his .324 8 HR's and 29 RBI's with Schneider's .321 BA and superb catching and classy leadership, and it is almost too much to absorb. Lastings is young, and acts even younger than his age: but both he and Dukes COULD be quite a nice pair of players for a long while for the Nats.

But, the odds are very long that both will develop and prosper here; and neither has exhibited maturity or leadership skills beyond Cub Scout level. Having said that, I love the fact that both were in the dugout yelling "The pitcher is an underwear stitcher!" on Monday night - not mature, but at least they showed some spunk...

If you could have a do-over, would the Mets have taken Austin Kearns instead of Church for the deal? Oscar M. probably would have insisted on Church, which might have told Kasten something.

Fact is that any layman watching a MLB player trying to hit with a bat resting on his right shoulder might question why one would hit like that - it looks like my golf backswing, which is why I haven't played in almost two years...Cock your bat, Kearns - it is maddening to watch that ridiculous swing, game-in and game out.

Nats have not traded anyone with value until they swapped Church and Schneider in their four years here, so it is really hard to be too critical of the players, like Kearns and Lopez, who are here via trade. But, Milledge is going to be judged, for certain, by the respective records by the end of this year, and certainly by the end of 2009.

Bow-Bow on very borrowed time if Milledge remains a .250 bone-headed player by this time next year, for certain...He can be saved by Jesus Flores being solid and Dukes contributing by that point, but just barely...

Trust in Eddie Brinkman, A. Rodriquez, Joe Coleman, Jim Hannan. All Good.

Anonymous said...

How about our 23-year old left handed starter not knowing how to retire a left handed batter (and our former right fielder) when he gets ahead 0-2?

Or our 23 year old centerfielder playing the field and batting like a 23 year old in the major leagues?

The common thread is that 23 year olds with potential are more important to the Nats right now than players in their 30s.

SenatorNat said...

Good point but the only reliable Young player the Nats have is rehab'ing in Harrisburg. The young and the potentially good are distinguished in all sports scouting from the merely young, unfortunately.

Trust in an OLD 28 year-old Ryan Church to break your heart. All Good.

Anonymous said...

Lasting Milledge was a fraud perpetrated upon the baseball world by the Mets and Bowden fell for it. They craftly billed him as their top prospect for three years, despite the fact that he had erratic behavior, a punchless bat and very poor defensive skills. Just being 23 years old doesn't automatically give a player great potential. I am betting that Milledge turns out to be a huge bust.