Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nick Out--Yet Again

Sometimes you just have to wonder. The only luck that Nick Johnson seems to have is bad luck. And today--that bad luck returned. The announcement came down at 12 Noon from Our Washington Nationals. Our Number 24 once again placed on the Disabled List with a torn tendon in his right wrist. An injury aggravated two nights ago by Nick--while swinging at a pitch in Shea Stadium.

Really, this is just sad news. More than 19 months removed from that terrible broken femur and day-by-day showing that he was once again a quality Major League Player--Nick Johnson must again feel the pain--both mentally and physically. The hurt of another injury. The agony of sitting on the sidelines and watching the scheduled games pass him by.

Dmitri Young will be re-instated from the Disabled List tomorrow to fill the void. But who can say--right now--that last year's Comeback Player of The Year will be 100% ready to replace Nick Johnson at First Base.

Our Number 24 will be missed--on the field, at the plate and in the clubhouse. No one plays as hard for Our Washington Nationals as Nick Johnson. His lost presence--an absence felt throughout Our Franchise.

Good Luck Nick Johnson. Our thoughts are with you--as always.


SenatorNat said...

This proves that not getting rid of one of the two regular first-baseman was prudent; they are both going to be needed, plus Boone and perhaps even Belliard, before the year is over. Shows, too, what a total bust Larry Broadway turned out to be, unfortunately for the Nats.

Trust in Dick Nen, and Joe Cunningham's hustle. All Good.

Anonymous said...

I think this shows that the Nats need to draft a 1B with the #9 pick in the upcoming draft