Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, I am still out of the country and, in fact, now will not return until next Wednesday--but in time for that night's game (April 23rd) against The New York Mets at New Nationals Park. Fortunately, over this weekend--a quality hotel with internet access is A HUGE UPGRADE for us--bigger than you could posssibly imagine from the past six days. But that's business--time to get back to baseball--Major League Baseball.

Currently on the outside looking in--clearly--Our Washington Nationals are pressing.

Pressing at the plate. They can't string together consecutive hits to start a rally.

Pressing in the field. Simple mistakes are leading to big innings for their competition.

Pressing their bullpen. This once solid part of Our Team--having been asked for far too long to maintain the slightest of leads or deficits--now faltering.

And pressing while playing with just 23 players on the active roster. Why? If Chad Cordero and Paul LoDuca are unable to play--sit them down--call someone else up. Right now--it's All Hands On Deck--competing two men short off the bench adds even more pressure to the game decisions of Our Manager Manny Acta.

All combined pressure--whether real or imagined--helping Our Washington Nationals to play just well enough to lose.

When The African Queen called me this morning to inform me that not only did Washington lose on a wild pitch in the 14th inning last night to The New York Mets, but did so--after the entire team held a behind closed door meeting without the coaches--before the game. My only response--"They need to relax."

And they need a hot hand. Not one single player for Our Washington Nationals is the "Go-To Guy" so far this young season. Someone--all his teammates can depend on in the clutch. That special player Our Number 14 can place on the diamond to be the difference. The Game Changer every fan can't wait to see perform.

Whether at the plate, in the field or on the mound--that dependable person who can rise above all that pressure--relax--and reverse the fortunes for Our Washington Nationals.

Who might come forth? Nick Johnson? Ryan Zimmerman? Wily Mo Pena? Elijah Dukes or someone not yet known? Whomever it may be--they need to step forward--now. Because the sooner they do--the better off the remainder of Our Washington Nationals Season and that of Our Fans--as well.

PS: And No--I am not getting down on Our Washington Nationals. Although Washington has a long way to go--both and and off the field of play--three weeks into this disappointing season--is not an end all for what's coming later in The Nation's Capital with Major League Baseball. Are they capable of better--you betcha!! But, there really is a brighter future. The Long Range Development of Our Franchise--that incomplete puzzle with so many jagged ends--still needs pieces found. As hard as it may be watching Our Washington Nationals lose--The African Queen and I are comforted by these facts--a New Ballpark, Some Quality Players on The Major League Level--and some Terrific Young Arms in The Minors.

Pitching Means Everything in The Great Game. Sooner rather than later--Our Washington Nationals will be depending on that youth. And when that time comes--It's A Whole Ballgame!!

Photo--(AP) Kathy Willens

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What is hanging out of Willie Harris's pocket???