Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nats Express For Wednesday April 9th

UPDATE: There are eight upcoming dates where Our Washington Nationals and DC United play on the same day. On each of those dates--Lot 7 will be used for The Nats Express. Those days are:
Wednesday, April 9, Saturday, April 26, Saturday, May 24, Wednesday, June 4, Sunday, June 22, Sunday, June 29, Saturday, August 2 & Saturday, August 30.

In case you have not heard--Our Washington Nationals and DC United are both scheduled to play on Wednesday Night April 9th. This conflict will require changes to The Free Nats Express Service to and from RFK Stadium. For tomorrow night (4/9/08)--LOT 8 will not be available for baseball fans to park without charge. Lot 8 will be paid parking and tailgating for DC United Fans. As a result--Nats Fans must circle around to Lot 7 on the northeast corner of RFK Stadium.
Coming from Virginia--and the SE/SW Freeway--instead of heading into the RFK Lot 8 Parking Lot, bear to your right and go up the ramp to Pennsylvania Avenue. Turn right and head across the bridge to the very first left hand turn--295.
Turn Left onto North 295. Once on 295 either take the East Capitol Street Exit heading west toward RFK and turn right into Lot 7 once you cross back over the waterway. Or--Second Choice--continue on 295 North until you reach Benning Road Exit (a left hand exit) bear left--drive west about 1/2 mile toward Langston Golf Course--take a left hand turn onto Oklahoma Avenue. The Second left on Oklahoma Avenue is Lot 7.

For fans heading to Lot 7 from Maryland--just take Pennsylvania Avenue West or 295 then follow the above directions to East Capitol Street or Benning Road.

When Our Washington Nationals played at RFK Stadium--Sohna and I used the Benning Road exit to Lot 7 on quite a few occasions--when Lot 8 was backed up along the SE/SW Freeway. This journey around 295 only took about 5 to 8 extra minutes--depending on the traffic lights.

Not sure what route The Nats Express will take to New Nationals Park though--and how much longer the journey will take.

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Just passing along the information as always.


Anonymous said...


Are you sure that there's an exit off of 295N onto East Capitol Stree heading west toward the stadium? On maps that I've looked at, it appears as though there is no such exit.

Anonymous said...

Later--in The Potomac Nationals Clubhouse--Shawn answered questions from the media--including reporters from The Fredericksburg Freelance Star, Comcast Sports Net, Brian Oliver from The Nationals Farm Authority Blog and myself.

You HIT the nail on the head you are the media not a fan!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it was a result of the parking lot change, but the Nats Express service on Sunday June 22 was awful. I should have known something was wrong when I did not see the normal amount of buses lined up to take fans to the stadium. We got to the lot an hour before game time and it was only two buses in sight. After the game you had at least an hour or more wait to get back to RFK. After about 30 minutes we got a cab back to get our car and the lot was still full. Personally I think that the bus company had previous committments with their buses and it was kept quiet. I will think twice about taking the Nats Express again.