Friday, July 27, 2007

The Relocation Snail Mail Snafu

For the past few days, I read with great interest the problems Current Season Ticket Holders of Our Washington Nationals have encountered if they sent in their Relocation Questionnaire and Deposit via regular (snail) mail. Being very busy in my real job (two out of town trips) I did not have the opportunity to really look into the situation, until this afternoon.

Reaching out, as always to Our Washington Nationals--I went looking for answers. Sure enough, Team Officials got back in touch with me. Their explanation for the delay was that approximately 400 pieces of mail were left waiting at The US Postal Service Delivery Center in Washington, DC. For whatever reason--The Post Office held ALL OF THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS MAIL, and did not deliver them.

Only after emails were sent by The Team to Season Ticket Holders concerning the non receipt of deposits and subsequent calls by Fans--did The Washington Nationals realize the problem. And, the very next day--all the held mail was picked up and delivered.

Andy Burns in The Nationals Season Ticket Office personally told me that "NO ONE WILL LOSE THEIR PRIORITY" due to this snafu. And, that by next Tuesday Afternoon, they hope to have every single current Season Ticket Holder satisfied--as far as--this problem is concerned.

Andy also mentioned that Sales Staff are PERSONALLY contacting each and every single ticket holder that may have got caught up in this small mess. And anyone--that may still have a concern or has not been called--should contact their ticket representative--as soon as possible.

Finally, if you were originally worried due to receiving the email about non receipt of deposit, and you went ahead with a Online Credit Card Deposit (knowing you already sent a check)--you will receive a refund on one of the now TWO DEPOSITS they may well have on hand.

That is The OFFICIAL WORD from Our Washington Nationals.


Anonymous said...

This sounds so much like the whole ticket mailing Vendor, RFK Food Vendor, Parking Vendor, MLB Website limits etc etc etc......

Now it is the Post Office, nothing sticks because it seems the Nats front office has VERY NARROW SHOULDERS!

Thank you for using your connections to get some kind of answer though....nothing from the Nats without you asking huh?

paul said...

As someone who has lived in DC for about 25 years, I can tell you the post office here is highly dysfunctional. Never use it for important correspondence or packages. The Nats get a pass on this one.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Thanks for finding out the info, SBF! The Nats really should hire you to be their public relations director...