Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Excuse!! NONE!!

When you have rallied back from behind, in the 9th inning to take the lead, have two outs against your opponent and their batter is down to his last strike--there is LITTLE EXCUSE FOR ERROR!! Jimmy Rollins was at the plate for Philadelphia, two outs, two strikes and he lofts a routine, but long fly to left centerfield. Ryan Church had the ball in his glove, but Ryan Langerhans interceded, getting in the way.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN WE WITNESS OUR PLAYERS NOT CALL THE BALL!! This has been a problem all season long!! Really, its not as difficult as it seems. Its certainly not as written off as "difficult" by some announcers. Am I ever tired of that cover story. Sometimes you have to place blame. Quite Frankly, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT.

No Excuse that, with the GAME's FINAL OUT Right in front of them--My Main Man!! Ryan Church and Ryan Langerhans could not figure out who catches that fly ball. No Excuse that Church short hopped a throw to Felipe Lopez after dropping the ball. No excuse, that Rollins--seeing FLop lazily move toward Church's throw, and the comedy of errors playing out in front of him--ran hard around third--knowing this was his chance to score the tying run. Only to see FLop finally pick up the baseball and SHORTHOP a throw to Brian Schneider at the plate. No EXCUSE for that TERRIBLE THROW that should have thrown out Rollins at the plate--by a MILE!!! A toss that Schneider could not handle. A scored triple and error that tied this game, and eventually handed Our Washington Nationals an AWFUL 7-5 Loss in 14 innings. Yes, Ryan Howard beat us again with a two run shot off Chris Booker, his 13th career Home Run against Washington.

As happy as I was, expectantly, with a marvelous comeback by Washington in the top of the 9th--devastated I became when Our Washington Nationals just flat out blew it in the bottom of the 9th!! This loss had nothing to do with being out manned. It had nothing to do with being outgunned. This loss had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH NOT BEING COMPETENT--WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE!!

Just an unacceptable loss. How many times have we witnessed in Section 320, time and time again--our players not CALLING FOR THE BALL!! Its a basic concept and skill of the game. Every Single Person who has ever played this great game should understand that. I don't care if you are an outfielder or pitcher--you should be able to properly call the ball and catch it.

There is NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.


JUST AN AWFUL LOSS!! I don't care if we are a last place team or not. This one HURTS--BADLY!!!

And, to think--just moments earlier, I was about to post this:

This was remarkable! Down 4-2 entering the top of the 9th inning against The Philadelphia Phillies, even I did not expect a comeback. Yet, as Our Washington Nationals have proven, time and time again, this 2007 season--they may be outgunned, but definitely not outmanned. Really, who had Our Team to come from behind in the final inning to win? And, in such an unusual way?

Clutch hitting from Tony Batista. Now, how many of you, including me, were screaming at your television--"NOT TONY??!!" when Our Manager sent Batista to the plate to pinch hit? Didn't Number 77 Prove us wrong. And finally, Jesus Flores--Our Terrific Rule V Draftee--provided his finest hit in the clutch with the game on the line to put Our Washington Nationals in the lead.

All we needed now was "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game" to finish it off. Chad Cordero, in the spirit of the rally, shutdown the home team tonight. Shutting up Citizens Bank Park and sending many of those Phillie Faithful home in an extremely disgruntled mood. Of course, this was really a 5-4 UNEXPECTED VICTORY--possibly one of the finest of this season. Now many times have Our Washington Nationals played just well enough to lose. This evening in South Philadelphia--Our Team showed some serious moxie.

That sounded pretty good, didn't it? As it turned out, that was all fantasy. Our Washington Nationals were dreaming. Unthinking in their effort during the fatal ninth, and distracted with the game on the line. I know, this is pretty harsh from me, But Our Washington Nationals Deserve it tonight. Possibly, the worst loss of 2007. There is NO EXCUSE FOR CHURCH AND LANGERHANS in the 9th. NONE!!


A defeat that included Our Manager Manny Acta running out of position players. An unexpected thrashing that just has to hurt Manny where it counts this most--his gut. Do I ever feel sorry for Manny tonight.

Baseball is the most Exceptional Game. Tonight, The Great Game showed how wrenching an adventure any of its battles can be. For some time, I will not be able to forget this one. Honestly, I doubt if I will be able to sleep tonight.

Do you think Manny will?

Tonight's InGame Photos--(AP) Rusty Kennedy


Anonymous said...

I was listening to the radio - and for once, was having a hard time picturing what was going on, even as I was thinking this will probably land on a Phillies high light reel, as well as a blooper reel, although I don't know if I'll be able to chuckle over it, now or ever. What made this "blown save" worse was that I was checking my email at the same time, and found a message that said I was IN DANGER OF LOSING MY SEASON TICKET PRIORITY!!!!! I mailed my questionaire, with check, on July 7th.

I am NOT happy with my plans for today, which now include trying to phone the box office from my office. I am even less happy with my questions I have about 1) whether I will have to stop payment on the check and put the deposit on the credit card, and 2) how I will communicate questionaire results to the ticket office. When I go to work, I will attempt to call, but when I'm at work, I can't spend a lot of time on hold, and I also can't spend a lot of time on web sites that are not work related.

I'm also not looking forward today's game, with a rookie pitcher and a burned out bullpen. Maybe it's a good thing there was no Nats Talk Live last night.

I certainly hope the news is better today, because the lack of professionalism on and off the field last night was making Charlie Brown's All Stars sound good.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, are you people surprised by any of this?

Calling the ball was officially deemed to advanced a skill and not important this year long ago by Acta. This year is all about helping young players learn (and yes, 27 year olds with several years of MLB experience each can and have greatly regressed under this PLAN!)

Honestly is anyone surprised that front office can not open letters and cash checks....come on where have you people been?

Just remember, it is all good (just ask) because DC is paying to build the new park and payroll is so low that NATS COULD sign our draft picks. I SAID COULD NOT WOULD! (no Black, No Josh, No McGeary, NO BILL)

Anonymous said...


My two roomies and I were watching the game and we all got PUMPED when we put 3 runs on the board in the 9th!!!!!! It was a great feeling in my house, even my little 5yr cousin was still awake to watch the Nats come back at his house on the phone with me then suddenly with an 0-2 count with 2 outs in the 9th, THE NATS CHOKE AGAIN. WE DONT CALL FOR THE BALL and WE DONT CATCH THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS!!!!!!! I BLAME MANNY FOR THIS and Bowden needs to get on his case about that. And FLOP let me down on that rely to home, WE HAD ROLLINS HE STOPPED at 3rd and then turned on the jets again!

You cant blame Booker or the bullpen with that lineup you know they were due it was just a matter of time before Howard, Utley, Rowand got a hold of one, unfortunately it was Howards Homers doing the celebrating :(

ps: why do we even have Ryan Langerhans. I know he has a .300+ OBP but he cant hit for nothing and he is really not the best defensive player (except for that diving catch he made a few weeks ago)?????

MickMcD said...

Yes, I believe, Our Number 14, Our Manager Manny Acta will be able to sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

THIS PLAY LOOKS EVEN WOREST after 12 hours to age....

Go to the Nats site and watch the MLB footage if you can stand it......It shows much more that what we see on MASN. Many slow motions and full field angles and ONE IMPORTANT NATIONAL STANDING AROUND!

Look at LOPEZ just standing still and not moving at all until the ball is dropped. Look at Ronnie hustling over and showing great frustration at the events. Look at Lopez again taking a lazy side swipe at the ball and then an even less urgent effort to get the ball after he misses the little leage swip. Only when he sees runner going does he act.

Why does Acta stand behind Lopez? He has to be the reason Ronnie was keep....I would not spend any more money on FLOP next year.

Eric said...

In the long term bad news department, please tell me that it's NOT TRUE that Our Team is gonna sign Young to an extension?? He is the epitome of trade bait-- a player with lots of value THIS YEAR to a team in a pennant race, but NO REAL VALUE in the long term for the Nats. Why why why would you possibly consider signing him to an extension instead of trading him???

Screech's Best Friend said...

Its True, the more and more I watch that play in the 9th--it gets worse and worse. A terrible performance all around. Flop just looked totally out of it. And Ronnie Belliard was mighty frustrated. His head just drops in great disappointment.

Eric: I am also stunned they would be willing to re-sign Young right now. If they are offered something good, they should trade him. As I said before, if he really likes it here and wants to be a part of something special, he's better off leaving now and returning after the season. Then, he's helped both ways.

Anonymous said...

If Young is signed to a 2 year deal ASAP, won't that make him more tradeable? I know that means he wont be back next year, but didn't we learn last year that no one wants someone who does not have several years left on a contract?

Anonymous said...

I've calmed down, at least on the ticket front. I heard from Bree Wagner at 9:32 this morning, less than 12 hours after my email/voicemail messages. (I think she might have contacted me even without last night's email from me). She was very professional about my concerns, took my frustration seriously, took my information over the phone, and gave me contact information for her if I have any other concerns. So I consider the issue resolved.

As far as the team, I wasn't listening to the game this afternoon, but I'm glad Flores did well and the bullpen came through.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Jsnet, I know you are probably upset that nobody has commented on your post about your season ticket fiasco. Just want to let you know that you are not alone.

A few weeks ago, I mailed in my questionaire, too. The only difference is that I wrote my credit card number instead of using a check. I was puzzled that no charge was placed on my credit card. When I called the Nats---several times---they kept saying that they have not received my questionaire. I think something has gone wrong with their mail and several questionaires sent in by mail have been lost. I finally got fed up and answered the questionaire on-line and this time my charge went through. It might be best for you to put a stop payment on the check and fill out the questionaire on-line once you've deposited the money into your credit card.

Anyway, I'm sorry this had to happen to you.

Eddie Cunningham
Fellow season ticket holder