Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Schneiderman's Japan Caps

Although even I did not get up at 4AM to watch any of the MLB/Japan Series over the last week. The Major League Stars trounced the Japan All Stars--5 games to zip. I found it interesting that throughout the Entire Series, MLB Promoted only the Red "CURLY W" Cap and the Red "DC" Cap. Even when the MLB Players wore their Away Grey Jersey's, Brian Schneider was told, apparently by Major League Baseball, to wear the Red Caps Only.

In fact, I noticed, on the MLB Store website, MLB is selling both Red Versions of the Nats Caps with Special 2006 Japan Series Logos. I would be curious to know whether this is a harbinger of things to come--and a fading out of the Blue "Curly W" Cap. There have been some rumors of a "tweaking" of the uniforms. That would be ashmed for me. I really like all the variations. The blue "Curly W" looks as good to me, as the red caps.

Or, maybe, its just another way for MLB to profit off Our Washington Nationals--without still owning them.

Brian Schneider got into two of the five games, knocking in 2 runs in the 4th game of the series on a 2 out single and a bases loaded walk--an eventual 7-2 rout of the Japanese Team. The Phillies Ryan Howard was, by far, the MVP of the series, slamming 4 homers. Japanese Baseball Fans throwing loving adulations at him by the end of this series. Howard is one dangerous hitter.


Say Hey Klib said...

Maybe it is a Republican conspiracy. I think the Bushg/Rove camp thought that Japan would send 2 Senators and about 30-40 Representatives to Washington if MLB promoted a Bush style red W hat. Bush didn't realize for the Bush red W hats to work he needed to give Japan Statehood first. Again President Bush got the whole Electoral process confused. If Montana and Virginia go the way of the Democrat we will get our long deserved statehood here in DC. I don't fool myself into thinking DC statehood will happen overnight, a representative will do well for me to start. I know this isn't the place for a political rant, but the election has it on my mind. Maybe we can get Frank Robinsont to move to DC and become our Rep!

Farid Rushdi said...

I'm pretty sure the whole idea of the Nation's Capital not being in a state was to make sure that one state had no "preference" over another. After all, if D.C. had statehood, they would be first in line to get all kinds of "goodies" that the other states wouldn't get.

Just thought I'd pass that along -- I'm not taking sides.

Say Hey Klib said...

Farid, without getting into the whole taxation without representation isssues, yes there were reasons at the time for not bieng a state. However we the citizens of DC deserve to be represented the same way other citisens of the United States are.

On a more appropriate note for this blog, why am I not surprised the Screeche's Best Friend posted the first reply to the first post on the new Screech's Blog?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Japanese prefer red? I know that when the New York Yankees opened their season in Japan against the Seattle Mariners, even though they were officially the road team, the Japanese insisted the Yankees wear their home pinstripe uniforms. This may be a similar deal...