Friday, November 10, 2006

Manny Acta The Man? Sure Looks That Way!!

With the Associated Press reporting that Manny Acta has pulled his name out of the running for the Oakland Athletics Manager's position, it seems clear, that Acta is number 1, in line for the Washington Nationals job and is negotiating a contract.

Yesterday, The Washington Post Reported that Acta, upon arriving back from Japan with the MLB ALL Stars, was, almost immediately, contacted by Nats General Manager, Jim Bowden--Bowden telling Acta the Nationals are still interested in him.

From the start of this Manager Search, by Washington, Acta has been THE ONLY potential choice that has not trashed the Nationals in some way. Manny has stated on numerous occasions, that he likes "THE PLAN" being put forth by President, Stan Kasten and Bowden. Yesterday, Manny called it a "GREAT PLAN". He's very familiar with many of the players already in the organization. Obviously has good relationships with, not only alot of Latin Players, but players from all over--he's very well liked.

Brian Schneider said fine things about Acta, while in Japan with Manny over the past two weeks. Acta telling Brian he would love to have the job. He loved the Fans in Washington, and their excitement they displayed---he noticed that each time the Mets visited RFK. Thought the team had some good solid young players to build around, and figures the New Stadium will be HOPPING!!.

Whether or not, he turns out to be outstanding as a Manager--will not be known for a few seasons. But, you got to love the attitude. Says the politically correct things. And, in our Nation's Capital--you gotta appreciate that!!!

Manny Acta is a good choice. BRING HIM ON MR. KASTEN!! I hope you are on that Blackberry RIGHT NOW!!


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with you on this subject---I want a manager who WANTS to be here. Acta may not be a big name, but nobody heard of Bucky Harris before he got a shot. Only one slight disagreement with you---didn't Gary Carter say that he wanted to manage the Nats? I don't remember him "trashing" the team, but then again he may not have been considered a serious candidate...

P.S. Oh, nearly forgot! I remember seeing somewhere on a blog (Beltway Boys?) a pic of the last Senators game in 1971 with a huge banner in the background which said "SHORT SUCKS!" Google can't help me find it. Could you please? Thanks!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: That picture is published in the Book "Kiss It Goodbye" by Shelby Whitfield, the last play by play announcer of the Washington Senators. Its available online in from many vintage book sellers. I will try to find the actual photo. Its quite famous--Dick Bosman I believe is on the mound, in the foreground, in the photo.

PS--Carter was interested, the Nats had no interest in him. I am very glad they are hiring Acta. Its a very good fit.

Anonymous said...

On the "manager thing," I absolutely agree that it's proper for the team to create a process they are comfortable with. that said, "perception is everything," especially in Washington D.C. The perception is that there is a great wall of silence between the team and the fans. I don't think so, but others do.

On the "Short stinks" picture, go to the original beltway boys site ( and type into the search box on the top bar "bob short." You'll see a small version a few stories down, but the big one is amost all the way at the bottom of the page.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

As an aside, that pitcher in the picture (hee hee) is Joe Grzenda, Toby Harrah is the shortstop.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: Farid from the Beltway Boys was kind enough to give us the answer to your question. If you can't get it from his clue. Please let me know, I have it on my desktop right now, and I can email it to you. Just let me know. Thanks Farid--a ton for your generousity and Thanks Eddie for commenting, as always.

Anonymous said...

I did manage to get the Short Stinks pic from the old Beltway Boys web site. I'd prefer it a little bigger, but it will do for now. Thanks a lot!