Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pledge Your Allegiance


I am sure many of you avid Washington Nationals Fans go to all the blogs and Nats Websites--as much as possible. I linked over to Nationals.com tonight and noticed, for the first time--the masthead has changed. Now, The Chief, Chad Cordero, is gone from the header and replaced by Ryan Zimmerman. Nick Johnson is still there. But, the most interesting part of the page top was the new Nationals Slogan: "Pledge Your Allegiance" placed just to the right of the US Capitol. I actually like that slogan. Everyone can relate to that phrase. Its very American. Beats "Make It Your Past Time" any day.

Not sure if its been up for a while, but, I found the masthead change nice. Just another small move toward new ownership doing a small thing to make everything, in the long run, more professional.


Farid Rushdi said...

Actually --- it's the third masthead. The first one had players in Expos uniforms (cropped to hide their logo) and remained for more than a year until they added Nats' players about this time last year. Then, around mid-year, they removed Jose Guillen and added Zim.

Hey, I guess that makes four times, doesn't it??

I read your email -- thank you so much. I will reply when I (finally) get some sleep.


Harper said...

Both Livan and Jose Vidro were on the masthead at different points as well.

Harper said...

Oh wait, that was the expos header...though I still think Livan was on the new header.

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