Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thanks For Playing

Watching with the sound down most of the time from the hospital.

Thanks for playing--Jesus Colome. Entering a tie game (3-3) in the bottom of the 7th, "The Human Rain Delay" proceeded to throw away the inning by tossing a 96 MPH Fastball to Dmitri Young at first base on a dribbler back to the mound by The Cincinnati Reds Corey Patterson. An errant fielding play that resulted in Our Number 21 totally missing the baseball for an error. A mistake that became a whole lot worse just one batter later.

Thanks for playing Roger Bernadina. When Jerry Hairston singled off Our Number 43 in the very next At-Bat, Bernadina showed his inexperience when he, once again, threw an errant toss so far past Jesus Flores at the plate--Hairston moved into scoring position. Bernadina not ready for Prime Time.

Thanks for playing Luis Ayala. After Our Manager Manny Acta made the right move by walking Jeff Keppinger--loading the bases and using Charlie Manning as a situational lefty to retire Ken Griffey, Jr.--Our Number 56 gave up the game tying hit when Brandon Phillips blooped a two run scoring single down the right field line. Just like that, what was a good solid game by Our Washington Nationals was over.

And Lost.

Thanks for playing Felipe Lopez. Just before The Reds fought back with nobody out and Willie Harris on first base after a single in the top of the 7th, FLop decided to swing at BALL FOUR. A pitch so high above his head, it was laughable. But this became no laughing matter when Harris attempted to steal on the play and was thrown out--on what should have been ball four. Instead of first and second with no outs, a strike em out, throw em out double play was in the works--thanks to Our Number 2 not thinking. Potential Rally Over. Potential win thrown away.

Finally, thanks for playing Bob Carpenter. Tonight on MASN, during the 9th inning you mentioned that Cincinnati Fans are so great that when they purchase tickets for games--they always show up--unlike any other city in the game. Thanks for dishing not only every baseball fan around The Major Leagues, but the very city in which you work--Bob. That comment was uncalled for!! I could bet there are just as many no shows in Cincinnati as any baseball team in America. Who exactly do you work for? Last time I checked--Our Washington Nationals. Show some respect and quit telling everyone watching how great every other baseball city in America is. The Nation's Capital has some terrific baseball fans. Maybe you should attempt to realize that.

Final score after a very winnable game--The Cincinnati Reds 5 and Our Washington Nationals 3.

Thanks for playing. Could we please make a better effort on July 4th--America's Birthday.

Game Notes & Highlights

John Lannan pitched very well until two outs in the bottom of the sixth when he gave up back to back to back singles to Brandon Phillips, Edwin Encarnacion and Joey Votto to tie up this game at three apiece. Sadly, inexperience had beat him. Tiring nearing 90 pitches in the game, Our Number 31 has yet to develop the savvy to get by--when not at his best. Only the experience of failing will get him there.

Elijah Dukes continues to impress. Tonight, his third home run of the current seven game road trip in the top of the sixth. Our Number 34 showing the talent everyone knows he has. Really, his future all comes down to attitude. I find myself rooting for him. "The Guz" setting up Dukes first RBI of the night when he ran hard all the way to first on an infield single to Brandon Phillips at second base for The Reds. Then scored on Elijah's drilled shot into the gap that scored Cristian Guzman. Dukes then was plated--when Austin Kearns singled to left for Washington's second run of the evening.

More and more--Willie Harris impresses me. Honestly, I didn't think much of his abilities early in the season. But now I find him to be versatile, a hustler, and pretty good at playing The Great Game. Tonight, two more hits starting at second base. And I love his attitude--he gives his all on every single play. I appreciate that. Our Number One is NOT HAPPY when he makes an out.

How odd was it to see a Cordero close out this game for Cincinnati. Francisco Cordero pitched a perfect 9th for his 16th Save on the very day Chad Cordero was examined by Los Angeles Surgeon Lewis Slocum on his torn labrum. No word from Our Washington Nationals on the results of the doctor's visit--as of 11PM Eastern Time.

Was it just me or did Austin Kearns look trimmer in his first appearance in a Nationals Uniform since his elbow surgery? Fit is the only way to describe him. No longer does Our Number 25 look "soft".

Finally, thanks for playing Major League Baseball--tomorrow is July 4th. There is no excuse for Major League Baseball NOT TO CELEBRATE America's Birthday in The Nation's Capital. There are three dates that Our Washington Nationals should ALLOWS PLAY A HOME GAME.

Opening Day with The President of The United States throwing out the first pitch.

Memorial Day to honor all those who have fallen in protection of Our Great Country.

And July 4th--in celebration of The Founding of Our Nation.

Every single year. Every single date. No exceptions.

We Live In Washington, DC. We Deserve The Honor. Major League Baseball MUST RESPECT THAT.

But despite all that. Happy Birthday America!! Happy 4th of July to all of you. Sohna and I wish you a safe and happy holiday.

Tonight's InGame Photos--(AP) Al Behrman


Unknown said...

SBF, I agree wholeheartedly on the 3 days there should always be baseball played in DC. When the Nats returned, my dad (a Senators fan from back in the day) would check the schedule for those 3 days first.

I'm sure I speak for the whole Nats blogosphere when I say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and the family member in the hospital, and that they make a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

A month ago, I thought the team that the Nats fielded was about triple A caliber. I was wrong, it looks more like a Little League team. The Lerners, Stan Kasten and Jim Bowden should bow their heads in shame. They have made a terrible mess out of this fronchise, which was not very good to start with.

Anonymous said...

This Roger Bernardina is a joke. He can't throw and he stikes out every time he bats. He makes Brandon Watson and Nook Logan look like all stars.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it has been mentioned before, but we are the worst bunting team in the Majors and John Lannan didn't help himself when he couldn't get a bunt down last night. This is just pathetic. Maybe Ryan Z. could give his teammates a clinic on bunting.

We have to also think about pinch running for Dmitri late in the game. When he stood on 2nd with no outs in the 6th, I thought let's get him out and you solve 2 problems 1) speed and 2) defense. The next 3 hitters couldn't move him up and we blew another opportunity---and we know about his error in the bottom of that inning that led to 2 unearned runs (the game losers) and his double play ball in his final at-bat.

This was reminiscent of June 22nd against the Rangers--There were no base running errors last night, but a managerial strategic error in my opinion in the 6th inning. With our Nats behind by 1 run, and Dmitri Young on 2nd base with no outs Manny should have pinch-run for Dmitri. I was at the game and we all looked at each other and were surprised Manny left Dmitri in. Well as the story goes, base hit and Dmitri doesn't score as he was wisely held at 3rd---bases loaded. Wily Mo hits it medium deep and we can't tag up with Dmitri. We didn't score that inning which is a shame with 3 hits in an inning. Opportunity lost, then we have the bullpen meltdown---game over as the 30,000+ in the stadium starts clearing out......

Bernardina should bat 9th in our lineup as our pitchers are batting better than our current leadoff man (I am only 1/2 joking about this).

On the good side---Way to go Manny for using Mr. Manning in a Lefty-Lefty situation. You almost struck out HOFer Griffey, but the harmless popup w/ bases loaded worked fine too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my June 22nd date should have read "June 21st" which was the Saturday night game.

Anonymous said...

'dissing', not dishing.

paul said...

SBF, you really need to leave the sound down all the time on the telecasts. . . .

The team has either made a tacit agreement with the Tiger Woods folks not to conflict with Tiger's tournament, or they think the sports fans in D.C. will be distracted. (Note to the Lerners: There are plenty of Orioles fans who like golf.)

Whatever, I agree with you, now that we have baseball, it really should be played at home on the 4th of July. Dave just said as much on the radio: "Why are we in Cincinnati?" My two favorite home games as a Nats fan was the first opening night and last July 4, when DY hit the grand slam in front of a near capacity crowd. (I missed the famous Father's Day Zimmerman heroics.)