Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nationals Season Ticket Holder Yearbook

After last night's sighting of Our Washington Nationals handing out The 2008 Yearbook to those entitled to receive one with their Season Ticket Package--I followed up with the team this morning.

Here is the exact email the team is sending out--verbatim.

Dear Nationals Season Ticket Holder,

The Washington Nationals would like to thank all our season ticket holders who have made the 2008 season a very memorable one. To celebrate this remarkable season, which includes the team’s inaugural season in Nationals Park , the Nationals are proud to present you with our annual yearbook.

The account holder of record may pick up the Nationals’ yearbook at the season ticket holder table located on the main concourse outside of the Washington Suites. Season ticket holders will receive one (1) yearbook per account. As the account holder of record, please bring a picture ID to this table to receive your yearbook.

Season ticket holders will be able to pick up their yearbook on the following dates beginning an hour and one half before game time until the end of the 7th inning:

July 9th-July 12th

July 29th-July 31st

August 1st-August 3rd

Once again, the Nationals would like to thank you for your support and we certainly look forward to having you as a fan for many years to come!


The Washington Nationals Ticket Sales and Service Department


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I was at the game last night and, of course, had no idea that I could pick up a yearbook.

Maybe at some point they will actually send the announcement to season ticket holders?

Anonymous said...

The plan must be WORD OF MOUTH this weekend, so that the one table staffed with two people don't get overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Is the yearbook only for full season package owners, or do the partial plan owners also get one?

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Is this the same yearbook that I saw vendors SELLING last night? Also, I will check my e-mail again, but I don't think I got the same message you did...

Anonymous said...

I haven't received any e-mail, and I have a full-season plan. I am wondering if the Nationals actually sent the message. It sounds like SBF got a copy of the "message" by making a call after seeing the yearbooks at the game.

It's not like it would be surprising if the Nationals screwed up in some way. Maybe they "forgot" to send the message to their season ticket holders? Maybe they can only use their e-mail list to try and sell us additional tickets, and not to alert us to benefits?

I know that the majority of the transactions I make with the Nationals end up generating an anecdote, whether because of an error or some other customer service problem.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Mike Edgar: The yearbook is based on season ticket plans and available to the seat rights holders. You would have to check your plan to see if it was one of the benefits. Or just stop by the desk set up behind home plate and ask.

Eddie: No, I never received the email the team sent. They forwarded me the email, after I contacted them. I then placed that here for everyone. And it is the same one being sold at the park for $10.

Two other season ticket holders told me tonight, they received the email. Others told me they did not and learned about it here.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Thanks for clarifying, SBF! I was thinking of buying the yearbook later this year (there's a very nice picture of the Nat Pack inside), but I'll see about picking it up for free at one of these promotion dates.