Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Trade--A Minor One

Our General Manager Jim Bowden announced just before the 4PM Deadline for Non-Waiver Trades this afternoon that Our Washington Nationals had acquired Shortstop Alberto Gonzalez from The New York Yankees for Jhonny Nunez--a minor league pitcher acquired two season ago at the 2006 Deadline for Marlon Anderson.

Honestly, I don't much about Gonzalez, but Our Washington Nationals have stated that Gonzales will be in uniform this Friday Night when The Cincinnati Reds are in town. Does this spell the end of FLop? A roster move must be made. Felipe Lopez's time with Our Washington Nationals must be coming to an end?

The Washington Nationals today acquired shortstop Alberto Gonzalez from the New York Yankees in exchange for minor-league right-handed pitcher Jhonny Nunez. Gonzalez is expected to report to Washington, DC on Friday and be in uniform for the Nationals’ series opener vs. Cincinnati. Nationals Senior Vice President and General Manager Jim Bowden made the announcement.

Gonzalez, 25, is a plus defensive shortstop who last season was rated as the top defensive infielder in the Yankees’ minor-league system. Gonzalez, who played in 28 games during a pair of stints with the Yankees this season, batted .250 (47-for-188) with eight doubles, four home runs and 23 RBI in 47 games with Scranton/W-B of the Triple-A International League in 2008.

Gonzalez was acquired by the Yankees as part of the January 2007 five-player trade that brought Randy Johnson to New York. In 2005, he was rated by Baseball America as the top defensive infielder in Arizona’s minor-league system. At the minor-league level, Gonzalez tallied at least 20 doubles each of the last three seasons and has fanned just once every 8.6 at-bats in five-plus seasons.


SenatorNat said...

Once more we see the less than invisible hand of Mike Rizzo in the acquision of an infielder whom he must have signed up in his position with the Diamondbacks. Looks like the Nats are going to have two new infielders B & G on the roster soon to displace and Orr and Belliard and replace FLOP.

Trust in the Ritz and Rizzo. All Better.

SenatorNat said...

Plus, whenever you can pick up an ex-Attorney General, however discredited, you do it!

Trust in your instincts. All Funny

An Briosca Mor said...

Ex-Attorney General Janet Reno hits like a girl. Picking her up would not be worth it. Also, she's too ugly (and probably too smart) to be in the NatPack.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this exactly what JimBo said was all he could do yesterday when he said none of our players were wanted by any other teams.

Hopefully, the players will take this to heart, look in the mirror and will motivate themselves do play better the next two months because a lot of them will be looking for jobs again this off season.

Anonymous said...

*Yawn* I am so done with this season and this team. If the Nats were actually a little North of godawful, i'd get out to see a handful of games before the season ends, but since the Lerners, Stan Kasten and Jim Bowden have put a craptastic product on the field and are laughing all the way to the bank as they do it, they're not getting any more money from me.

Oh, and for crying out loud, FIRE BOWDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Along with my fire Bowden comment, i would also like to state that if Jim Bowden is in any way involved with this franchise after this season, i will not be renewing my season ticket plan next year.

Unknown said...

A modest proposal: A Jim Bowden-Vinny Cerrato smack down to show who lacks the most when it comes to judging talent. Hmm. Tough call.

But isn't the state of the Nats kind of Zen like? I mean, the losses have this surreal quality to them, as if the Nationals have defined the essence of losing. Granted, it's not fun to watch, but I appreciate their art.

When we reached 30 games off the .500 pace, I decided to memorialize the folly. Check out the Lo Duca trade that wasn't:

Anonymous said...

Great pickup! This can hopefully get us back in the race.

Anonymous said...

You heard it here first.

Say goodbye to PLoD and FLop!!!

JayB said...

Thank God.......Harris should also go....they really need a new approach....let Harris be one of Jimbo's Special Assistants for 2 months then fire Jimbo and all the Ex will make the Nats a better team. I know it will make them more respected in MLB teams Front Offices.

Unknown said...

Well, there's still no one who can hit on most the entire roster, but the Nats are going to be one heck of a good fielding team next year if Milledge can figure out how to play CF.

I'd be ok with a redux of the 1959 "hitless" White Sox in DC.

Is Joe Hardy available?

Anonymous said...

I have seen Gonzalez play and he can't hit a lick. This is just another dumb Bowden acquisition. JimBo is now dumping his mistakes and acquiring more. While he was dumping mistakes yesterday, he should have dumped Belliard, Young and Kearns too. Someone should wake Grandpa Lerner up and let him know his franchise is being ruined by an incompetent idiot.