Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thank You Screech!!


As most people now, I am down at the Kennedy Space Center covering the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis. It was shocking to many regulars at RFK Stadium that I missed the last two games of the just completed thrilling home stand.

But, to keep our record in tact of attending EVERY SINGLE NATIONALS HOME GAME--(Section 320, Row 4, Seat 15 has never gone silent during a NATS Game), The African Queen made her way to RFK for Wednesday's 2-0 loss and yesterdays DOWN TO THE WIRE HEART THUMPING 7-6 WIN!!

And Screech, went out of his way to stop by a few times, during both games, in Section 320 to clown about me not being there, and making Sohna feel apart of all the action. She and I appreciated it tremendously. There were a few non regulars filling out the seats in Section 320 for those games, and they couldn't believe that the African Queen was actually having a conversation with Screech, since Screech is mute. She found all that very funny.

Thanks SCREECH, your BEST FRIEND appreciated YOUR efforts.

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SenatorNat said...

And Screech agrees with Jose Vidro that it's all about the beer, too, we are sure. As we often say to him: "Voted Best Mascot!" to which he says with his talons "Aw, Shucks" - modesty not common among sports mascosts, and rare in D.C. period...His dugout rooftop dancing ("Feel Like Bust'n Loose") we are sure helps loosen up Manager Frank's tired joints just by his peering over the dug-out to enjoy the rhythm. Do we know if he can pitch?

(Jeff - considering where you were, it is good that you didn't utter excitedly: "The Eagle Has Landed," upon learning that Screech visited during your absence...)