Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Andruw Makes It Official, Ward Adds The Frosting

As Biff so eloquently stated after tonight's Nationals 6-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves at RFK Stadium: "This game should have remained a rain out!!" No better words spoken about this one. A fairly dreary game, rescheduled from a late April rainout. And, not many decided to show up, at that--25,211 announced. You had to laugh at that number, certaintly less than 8,000 DIEHARDS actually in the Stadium. Just about EVERYONE could be heard, around the park tonight.

Andruw Jones continued to POUND the Nationals. Every single time the Braves come to town, Jones seems to hit one out. I've always said, any Braves/Nats Game is not OFFICIAL until Andruw smacks one out. Jones making this one official in the 6th, Lofting a Tony Armas off speed pitch high and deep to left field. Alfonso Soriano watching it, landing in the Mezzanine, M-35, just below Section 436. A fan making a nice basket catch of the home run. That 2 run homer the decisive go ahead runs, making the score 3-1 Bravos at that time. Karen, NATS320 Season Ticket Holder, in the group from Andrews Air Force Base, that shares tickets, sitting right to my left, was on board, once again to she her beloved Braves. Cheering madly over Andruw's shot, but very disappointed that, her love, Chipper Jones, was sitting tonight.

Recently traded and top Pinch Hitter, Daryle Ward, came to the plate in the top of the 8th with 2 runners on against the struggling Brett Campbell. I called Section 468, rightfield upper deck, toward the line for a HOME RUN. Ward did his best, drilling an 0-2, That's RIGHT--Zero and Two Count Fastball over the right field wall, hitting the Washington Hall of Stars Sign, just below Section 465. I WAS CLOSE!!! That 3 run homer putting the game out of reach 6-1, Ward celebrating TRIUMPHANTLY with his Atlanta Teammates---moving down the receiving line, at the top of the Visitors Dugout, slapping high fives in Grand Fashion. I like Daryle Ward, he was a fine edition for our sorrowful team this year, just wish he didn't put the Homer in OUR FACE SO BADLY. Ward had received a nice ovation upon stepping to the plate, before that At-Bat. You could tell that many Nats fans did not take that Celebration Well--including me.

Really not much else happened. Tony Armas, Jr. pitched OK, making it to the 7th inning, going 6.2, giving up 3 runs, 3 walks and that Andruw Jones Home Run. The best Tony has pitched in some time. Unfortunately, it was on a night the Nationals could do nothing against Braves Starter, Kyle Davies, and 3 Atlanta Relievers. Washington only managing 7 hits, none for extra bases.
The Nats lineup looking a little like a Spring Training Game. Robert Fick catching, in place of the hot hitting Brian Schneider. Ryan Zimmerman getting a deserved break, after struggling over the past week. Replaced by Melvin Dorta. Dorta coming up once with the Base Loaded, failing and later with 2 runners on, killing another rally. Dorta, pretty much the Goat tonight, with a fine assist from FLop.

Felipe Lopez came up with the bases loaded in the 7th, 2 outs, with struggling Atlanta reliever, Oscar Villareal on the mound. Villarreall, having given up a drag bunt single to Nook Logan, got Dorta to force out Nook on a grounder, Dorta safe at first. Pinch Hitter Ryan Church infield single up the middle and Alfonso Soriano, patient at the plate for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, walked to load um up.

Flop, hitting from the leftside, swung at everything. Striking out badly to end the Nats LAST REAL THREAT!! Me yelling at FLop, as usual. Logan would have the defensive play of the game, diving to his left, in the 8th on a sinking liner hit by Willy Aybar. Nook sprawling out across the centerfield grass to make a fine catch. Earlier, in the 5th, Austin Kearns made a fine leaping snare of a Marcus Giles liner to right. Kearns falling to the ground, face first after the jumping catch. Just about the only excitement on the field tonight for the home crowd.

Most of the fun in this game, came off the field, as Screech, Once Again, as has become the common practice at ALL NATS HOME GAMES, begins the evening visiting Section 320 right as the first pitch commences. Alfonso Soriano's 2 daughters and son, sitting to our right, getting a BIG KICK out of SCREECH. Screech stopping to stand on the railing, pointing at them, to their great enjoyment.

SenatorNat was in the house tonight, visiting Section 320. SenatorNat's Synapses twirling his mind around, sending out one witicism after another. MickNats and I couldn't help ourselves, getting SenatorNat to rekindle his finest story---How Mr. Ed, the Horse from the famous TV show and Ava Gabor from the 60's TV Show, Green Acres, should have been paired together in their own PROGRAM. What this has to do with baseball, is absolutely NOTHING. But the way SenatorNats spills it out, in great description, is FUNNY TO NO END!! MickNats and I just can't get enough of it. Drop by Section 320 to hear the full story--just can't write about it, in full details.

As the already small crowd dwindled even more, especially after Ward's 3 run blast, there were a group of maybe college age or a few years older ladies, sitting to our left, across the tunnel next to Section 320. One blonde, in particular, was TRASHED!! So drunk, I am sure she will never remember this evening. This young lady, just kept on chanting, cheering, banging her seat, and yelling some of the most incoherent stuff you could ever hear at RFK. NO ONE, sitting more than 10 feet away from her, could understand ANYTHING she squeeled out. The African Queen shaking her head in disgust.

It got to a point where the left side end of the Nats Dugout had players peeking a look, interested in seeing who was making all this noise. Using a phrase, uttered by MICKNATS earlier this year at another drunken fan, I yelled out to the BLONDE, "Yeah, I REMEMBER MY FIRST BEER!!" The 2 CSC Security Guards, standing in the tunnel next to me laughed mightily. One coming up to me after to game to shake my hand over the comment. That girl did not shut up until the final out was recorded. I wonder whether she will have even a voice tomorrow.

There really wasn't much else to say about this one. Soriano continues to struggle at the plate. His last at-bat, full count walk, maybe helping to get his bat jump started again tomorrow. I am always surprised how, after a Nats player has a hot couple of games, but is not a regular, Franks sits that player down. Doing so again tonight, when Bernie Castro was benched, after, two of his finest games in the Majors. You got to wonder about that?? Any Comments Frank???

Hoping Game Two of this 3 game set, does NOT BECOME OFFICIAL--Jones doesn't hit one out. And, the next time Daryle Ward comes to the plate, I will not be so respectful for this former NAT!!

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SenatorNat said...

The blonde in question sported a rather provocative "Louisville Slugger T-Shirt," the kind of sports gear, she should be warned, which is known to come flying apart if jostled too violently, as the tuck-in sides are overly tapered! This makes concentration very difficult indeed...Being a longstanding (older) married man, I point this out only for the safety of those in neighboring seats...