Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Am Only Going To Concentrate on One Thing

FLop is one of the worse fielders I have ever seen!! Felipe Lopez continues to amaze me with his atrocious glove work and ability to throw just about any ball away. The guy just can not concentrate.

In last nights' latest comedy of errors, when our Washington Nationals committed 6 errors, 3 in fall laughing out of your seat style in the 7th and a 4th in the 8th (Zimmerman's first 2 error game of his career)-losing another winable game to the Colorado Rockies 11-8--Really all you could do was laugh----

FLop continued to show his consistent problems. This time, unable to take a waist high throw from Jose Vidro in an attempt to turn an easy double play.

The Nationals are easily the worst fielding, up the middle team, in baseball. Washington can not cover ground with Lopez, Vidro and just about anyone in center.

If Cristian Guzman comes back next year, let lightning not strike me for saying this, Guz would be a BETTER and more SOLID choice for our starting shortstop. And, there could not be a harder Guz Hater than me in 2005!!

Hoping someone else would give us something good for both Vidro and FLop during the off season. As I have said before, didn't like Felipe before the trade, didn't like him on trade day--and still can't stand the guy. A waste of talent--with no head on his shoulders. Just an awful player. A player you can not win consistently with on your team as a starter.

Unless something drastic and unexpected happens, 2007 might have a 2006 feel to it. Some fine moments surrounded by alot of frustrating and irritating ones. Lets hope that moments like the past 2 nights become few and far between.

PS--Do you think Frank wanted to STRANGLE anybody last night??


phil dunn said...

Guzman is head and shoulders above FLop. The only fielder worse than FLop is Damian Jackson. I think Washington fans are finally beginning to understand why the Reds dumped FLop. According to the Cincy Gazette at the time of the trade, the Reds had given up on him because he was lazy and unwilling to work to improve his game. Too bad Bowden didn't do his homework.

SenatorNat said...

Homework? The dude doesn't even go to class!