Saturday, September 23, 2006

Diamond Club

Over the past two homestands, The African Queen and I were given the nice opportunity of attending the Diamond Club Buffet before 2 Nats Home Games at RFK Stadium--courtesy of The Washington Nationals. The offer was a thanks for our willingness to run THE PRESIDENTS RACE--in costume.

We didn't really know what to expect, as we knew very few Diamond Club Box Season Ticket Holders. But, if the Nats are charging $110 per ticket to sit in that section right behind home plate, the buffet had to be decent. Sohna and I were pleasently surprised.

The Diamond Club is located on the 300 level behind the Right Field Wall. If you are sitting in the seating bowl at RFK during a Nats game, you can see the Diamond Club--there is an opening above the Budweiser Sign and the DC United Banners, below the Toyota/Scion Sign. This opening runs the entire length of right field all the way to dead centerfield. That is the Diamond Club.

Upon entering, you are met at the gate by Security, that checks your tickets, or in our case--sends us over to a Greeter who has our names on the Guest List. Once they confirm you are the proper guest, each Diamond Club attendee receives a Color Band allowing you entrance and free reign of the digs.

The Area is really not that big, but what is very nice are the Bar Stool Seats that run the length of the outfield wall overlooking the field. From this perched position, with a table top also running the wall, you can eat, drink, chat while all the time watching BATTING PRACTICE or The Nats Pitcher warming up in the Bullpen. The view is FABULOUS. There are TV Monitors all around, the PA System in piped in. So, you really don't miss anything pregame. And, since the Diamond Club is open through the end of the 3rd inning, you can hang out there, still watch the game while enjoying your meal. We found all of this a very nice relaxing change of pace. Additionally, there are lower rounded dining tables with 4 seats and Higher Bar Stool Style Tables, also with 4 seats.

There are 6 Food Stations Set up around the Diamond Club. 2 softdrink and water stands, plus 2 fully stacked bars. A Dessert Table with Coffee. Everything is included, except for the Cash Alcohol Bars. There's even a table STUFFED with Shell Peanuts, Pretzels and Popcorn that you can fill up into provided bags and take them to your seat in the Stadium.

Each game we attended, there were 3 Hot Entree choices that apparently change each and every game. Fish (Ahi Tuna or Alaskan Halibut) BBQ Chicken, Veal, Beef Wellington, Baked Ham, Roast Beef, Prime Rib Cuts, all were provided in the times we visited. Acommpaying side dishes:baked potato, wild rice, steamed vegetables among others. At each game, Diamond Club Diners can always eat Hot Dogs and Sausages with ALL THE FIXINGS possible. And, there is a Salad Bar set up at each game.

We found everyone involved working in the Diamond Club to be exceptionally nice. In fact, many just going out of their way to take away your used plates and utencils. Must be the fact that the great majority of the Diamond Club Members are the TOP PAYING CUSTOMERS!

Last Tuesday night when the Nats played the Braves, we were joined by good friends, Iris and Biff. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, giving everyone a place to chat without getting in anyones way standing in the aisles and seats of RFK. Opening at the exact same time as the RFK Stadium Ticket Entrance Gates, we found the entire experience fun. Wouldn't really be interested in doing it for every single game, but 2-3 times a month during the Season would be nice, especially on the weekend games, as we know we have more time then to enjoy it fully. All in All a nice experience. We couldn't thank The Nationals enough for the opportunities.

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