Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Nine Current Latinos In The Baseball Hall Of Fame

In following up to our earlier Viva Baseball story from the National Baseball Hall Of Fame & Museum here are the plaques of the nine foreign born Latinos currently inducted into Cooperstown.
Roberto Clemente (Puerto Rico)--Elected in 1973

Martin Dihigo (Cuba)--Elected in 1977
Juan Marichal (Dominican Republic)--Elected in 1983

Luis Aparicio (Venezuela)--Elected in 1984

Rod Carew (Panama)--Elected in 1991

Orlando Cepeda (Puerto Rico)--Elected in 1999
Tony Perez (Cuba)--Elected in 2000
Jose Mendez (Cuba)--Elected in 2006
Cristobal Torriente (Cuba)--Elected in 2006
And in case you were interested, here are the four other foreign born players and architects & pioneers currently inducted into The National Baseball Hall Of Fame & Museum In Cooperstown, New York

Henry Chadwick (England)--Elected in 1938
Harry Wright (England)--Elected in 1953
Tom Connolly (England)--Elected in 1953
Ferguson Jenkins (Canada)--Elected in 1991
One last note: There are no members of the Baseball Hall Of Fame with last names of any nationality beginning with the letters Q, U, X & Z. Interesting in light of the fact that Our Washington Nationals star player's name is Ryan Zimmerman.

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