Friday, April 01, 2011

Changes To Nats Park

Walking around Nationals Park before yesterday's game and the start of the pre-game ceremonies, The African Queen and I noticed these changes to Our Washington Nationals Ballpark.  Some were subtle, others were not. As we walk more around the stadium this weekend, this list will expand.

Fresh new player oriented banners adorning parking garages B & C and the Center Field Gate side of the Red Porch Restaurant. They looked nice.

Curly "W" Pretzel (2008)
The Gluten Free soft Curly "W" Pretzels and Pretzel Dogs from NJ's gone. Noah's Pretzels renamed NJ's--whose proceeds go to autism is no longer on the menu selection of Nationals Park. NJ's still at Verizon Center and possibly at Camden Yards in 2011.  NJ's now replaced by the basic ballpark hard pretzel, sadly.

Levy Executive Chef Phil Bucco With Teddy's Barbecue Short Rib (2009)

Teddy's Barbecue Short Rib (2009)
Teddy's Barbecue being replaced by Loaded Dogs behind Section 143 (right centerfield). We actually liked Teddy's Barbecue and believed their short rib and bbq sandwiches were two of the best offerings in the entire ballpark the past two years. Sohna was disappointed to see her Fred Flintstone Brontosaurus bone taken off the menu.

There is a temporary Teddy's Barbecue set up under a tent near the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk, but that will go away once Danny Meyer Union Square Hospitality Group revamps and officially takes over the area where local favorite Five Guys was situated the past three years. USHG to offer Blue Smoke Pit Barbecue,  Box Frites Belgian Fries with dipping sauces, El Verano Taqueria mexican food plus burgers, hot dogs and frozen custard from Shake Shake in that location.

2010 Scoreboard Walk
2010 Scoreboard Walk Lounge Seating

The seating decor around the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk has changed. The Tiki Bar motif lounges now gone and replaced by chairs, tables and stand up table tops.

There is also a new HD Electronic Board located on the back side of the HD Scoreboard replacing the large white Nationals Park With Monuments Logo Banner--facing patrons within the Scoreboard Walk.

Situated between the Scoreboard Walk and the Red Loft is now Jammin Island BBQ--A Jerk Chicken and Jerk Ribs stand--replacing the Pit BBQ from last year.  Prices range from $10 to $16.
Bar stools and table tops added just a few feet away.
The main walkway outside Presidents Club has been repainted and the seat backs now embroidered with the Lexus logo.

2010 Left Center Field Wall
The new script Nationals logo adorns the left centerfield wall. In fact "Natstown" not seen anywhere.

Previous Logo On The Right Field Wall

A big white Curly "W" adorns the right field wall--replacing the Nationals Park & DC Monuments logo we liked a lot.
The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation has placed designs on the left field wall.  One depicting the new logo of Our Washington Nationals charitable arm. The second promoting the new Baseball Youth Academy. Ground breaking for that long awaited project coming soon.

Old Blue NatPack Flag
The Nat Pack Curly "W" Flag waved from the home side dugout as Washington takes the field before each game is now red. It was blue the past two seasons.

2010 Dugout Tops--"Home Of The Nationals/Welcome To Natstown"
The dugout tops have been repainted lighter blue with white letting. A Curly "W" and Washington Nationals is on the home dugout.  Nationals Park is painted on the visiting dugout.
And finally--if fans find themselves having an issue with someone or something during any game, or need to call medical assistance--they can now text team officials directly for support. The first time this service has been available at Nationals Park.

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paul said...

I missed the "Coach," our favorite usher, dancing on the dugout, during the Tom Jones number. A victim of the recession?

Unknown said...

Another change...the Playstation 3 games that were by the Build-A-Bear shop are all gone. That area is now occupied by lounge furniture and a few flat-panel TVs.

Unknown said...

Another change: The Playstation 3 area next to the Build-A-Bear shop is gone. The free games have been replaced by some lounge furniture and a few flat-panel TVs. If you're already at the game, why would you want to sit in the dark underside of a parking garage to watch it on TV?

Unknown said...

I don't drink, but as of today 4/3/2011 - No Budweiser on the premises, apparently there are contract issues. I've never known of a stadium without Bud & Bud Lite available.