Tuesday, January 04, 2011

NatsFest 2011 & The Winter Caravan Update

A lot of people have been asking if Our Washington Nationals will hold their annual NatsFest & Winter Caravan this off-season leading up to the beginning of Spring Training 2011?  As always, Nats320 asked and this was the official answer.

According to the team this afternoon, the dates and details have yet to be finalized, but an announcement is expected in the next couple of weeks.

Using today, January 4th, as a guideline, that still leaves the last week of January and the first week of February in play. In the past two years, NatsFest has occurred during the off-week before the NFL's Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl this season is scheduled for Sunday, February 6th in Arlington, Texas.

Also, we've read some comments about NatsFest possibly being held in late February or early March, but that doesn't make much sense if the object of the get together is to meet the players and coaches.  The team will be in Viera, Florida at Spring Training, meaning there would be no drawing cards for fans.

Once more information becomes available, we will pass it along.

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Jenn Jenson said...

Thanks for posting this. Just this morning, I sent a note to my ticket rep asking for dates because my calendar is filling up.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Every other team has had their event announced for months with most having dates and details on their caravans as well. Royals, Rangers, Astros, Cardinals, Cubs, White Sox even the O's have detailed their events to varying degrees(most being very detailed)-- and we can't even get a date.

Wonder who forgot to plan it this year. Last year's press release was Jan 7 as an FYI....

Jenn Jenson said...

Jim, thank you for saying part of what I was really thinking ... Good grief! (Will they ever learn?)

Calle Real N20 said...

Hello! This is off the subject but I wanted to alert someone who might be able to get word to the appropriate team official. Today I drove 35 miles to visit the team store at the center field gate. The website information is that it's open Mondays through Saturdays 11:00AM - 4:00PM.

I paid for a parking spot. Walked up to the door to find it locked with a photo-copied sign that reads: "Closed till March 1". I saw other fans walking away before I got to the door.

I phoned the store number and no one answered. This information ought to be clearly published on the website along with an alert when phoning the store.

I left a comment via the team web site with my phone number and email address and haven't heard back yet. This is NOT the way to encourage your fan base! VERY disappointing.

JHall said...

Any word on the plans or date for the Hot Stove Banquet?

Screech's Best Friend said...

JHall: Hot Stove Luncheon info has not been released as well. That should come out at the same time as the NatsFest/Winter Caravan info.

paul said...

A Syracuse alum informed me today the Cuse have booked the ballpark in a few weeks for a sports media night. Tim Kurkjian and other luminaries are to be there. I guess it is just for Syracuse alums.