Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Character Matters

On tonight's Hot Stove show originally airing on January 19th, MLB Network produced a beautiful seven minute story on the Eckstein Family and their three generation struggle dealing with kidney disease. As some Nationals Fans may know, Our Washington Nationals Batting Coach recently donated his right kidney to his brother Ken--who was in dire need of a matching kidney to survive.

The transplant took place in early December and both are doing well today. But that wasn't the only significant part of this piece. Rick and Dave Eckstein's two sisters and their father all have received transplants over the years. And they've all handled it with class.

Touching and heartwarming describe the feelings shown, but personal character stood out the most in this wonderful story.

We don't know if MLB Network will put the Bob Costas narrated piece up on their website, but if you have a DVR or can see Hot Stove on one of its replays over the next 15 hours--this is MUST SEE TV. The story airs at the bottom of the hour--31 minutes into the program.

And the story ends with Dave Eckstein mentioning how he just found out he's a perfect match for his sister, who is in the early stages of rejecting a kidney transplant from their mother in 1989.

Of course, Dave Eckstein can't wait to donate himself.

Character really does matter and this story was as good as it gets.

Photos shot off MLB Network


Jenn Jenson said...

Thanks for the heads up about this. Great feature.

Biff said...

where are you?

DND said...

We assume you all real busy or maybe traveling the world with all that is going on. Hope that is the only reason for the long time between post. Hope to see you all in Viera.

Biff said...

we miss you