Monday, October 05, 2009

Deserving Of The Gold Glove

Ryan Zimmerman had 20 more fielding chances than any of his fellow 3rd Basemen in The Major Leagues in 2009. Zimmy possesses the finest range and reflexes of any one out there. I doubt anyone would question that fact.At 25 Years of Age, Our Number 11 rounded himself, this season, into the finest 3rd Baseman in The Big Leagues.

There should be no question about it. The Z-Man is deserving of The Gold Glove Award in The National League.

Anything less would be a disgrace.

Just take a look at some of these defensive plays Ryan Zimmerman made this past season.

Most everybody that follows Our Washington Nationals remembers this defensive gem by Ryan Zimmerman at Citizens Bank Park. The young man is fearless and runs hard down the line in foul territory better than any 3rd Baseman in the game.

Some probably remember this rush in on a beautifully laid down bunt by The Mets' Luis Castillo at Citi Field. Just not well enough placed to keep Our Number 11 from recording the out.

Then there is this one on Chipper Jones.

Colorado's Dexter Fowler experienced The Z-Man's Glove Work.

The Cubs too.

The Astros.

The Yankees.

Even the Pirates.

Reflex action on The Mets' Carlos Beltran.

Ryan Zimmerman is a nightly highlight reel.

Those were all great plays. But this one is our favorite defensive play of the year turned by Ryan Zimmerman. A smashed baseball that bounces off his body with the bases loaded and two out in the top of the 3rd on August 5th. He doesn't give up on it as the ball moves farther and farther away from him--toward the pitchers mound. And with The Florida Marlins' Cody Ross hustling to first base, Zimmy picks up the baseball barehanded and launches himself into the air. A perfect toss to Adam Dunn at 1st Base--just in time--while FACE PLANTING himself in the turf.

That one play demonstrated all his skills--quickness, reflex action and athletic ability all under pressure . The all-around performer Ryan Zimmerman has become. A great young player Deserving of The 2009 Gold Glove Award at 3rd Base in the National League.

No one else comes close--no matter how the mainstream media attempts to spin it.

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Steve Walker said...

SBF - Well said! Zimmerman is the best fielding 3B in the NL, hands down

SenatorNat said...

"No matter how the mainstream media attempts to spin it." !

When did SBF catch conservative talk radio's theme? The "drive-by media" aiming for the Z-Man on behalf of a more "Socialistic" third baseman?

I am truly just kidding around here. I actually think that the establishment has come to think of Z-Man as something very special, not Brooks, but perhaps more like Cal Jr., had he stayed at third for his career. They like him, while not certain about his unorthodox technique which is NOT to get in front of hot shots, but rather, to pick them, using the strength and positioning of his legs as a counter-balance to the force of the ball. With David Wright hurt some of this year, and his power numbers down dramatically (yes, the sports media is influenced for defensive awards by offense, as ridiculous as that may seem), I think that Z-Man will be annointed, despite his number of errors. Had his throwing yips persisted beyond the rash of them earlier in the year, he would forfeit the chance; but, fortunately, one can argue that his errors result from going after balls others let go.

Trust in counter-culture media. And the pitchforks in the night. All a Tale of Two Cities (NY & DC).

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Ryan should have won it last year too

he has the best glove at 3rd since Brooks