Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fine Food, Drink and Our Own Company

From our perch in a booth at the Bonefish Grill tonight, The African Queen and I did witness Ryan Zimmerman making a terrific run and grab of a foul ball off the bat of Chase Utley at Citizens Bank Park--seen from a monitor across the restaurant located at the bar. One that clearly showed again how The Z-Man is worthy of The Gold Glove in 2009. Anyone that can routinely race to the tarp, dive over and make a catch while falling down and out of control--is a great fielder. If Our Number 11 doesn't get The Gold Glove this season, it will be more of a farce than when Hanley Ramirez beat Ryan out for The Rookie Of The Year in 2006 (and its worth repeating again--Hanley has developed into one of the best players in The National League--an MVP Candidate. But three years ago, The Z-Man had a better first season).

Other than that wonderful moment with Ryan Zimmerman this evening, not much else was seen by us.

You see, today was Sohna's Birthday--the first without Our Washington Nationals playing a home game since The Inaugural Season--2005. So, to help celebrate the big day, we headed out to the Bonefish Grill for a night of fun and relaxation. She had a great time. Enjoyed every minute of it.

And Baseball was off the menu--for the most part.

Just fine food, drink and our own company--no one else.

Tonight's InGame Photos--Matt Slocum (AP)


dcbatgirl said...

Happy Birthday Sohna!

Unknown said...

I think Zim still needs to work on throwing to first base after a routine ground ball before he's worthy of a Gold Glove. Zim has proven he can make spectacular plays, but until he can consistently make the routine ones someone else deserves the Gold Glove.
SBF, I'm interested in seeing your comments on the Nieves/ Burke situation. Luke Montz had an off year, but I think he deserved a spot for the final two weeks.
P.S. Happy Birthday Sohna!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Sohna and I were told by some friends that follow the P-Nats and Washington's minor league players closely that Luke Montz had lost his desire to play at times this year. He didn't really want to be in Harrisburg, was in a funk and wanted out. Just passing that information along, don't have any personal acknowledgment of that. But, that would explain why Montz was DFA'd.

The Nieves/Burke situation has no bearing really over the last few weeks of this season. As we wrote yesterday, Washington needs to find a way this off-season to solidify their catching situation. Derek Norris is too far away. Flores is now recovering from Surgery. They need some quality, not just bodies in their system, something lacking right now.