Friday, September 25, 2009

2010 Season Ticket Prices

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Two new sections of Premium Seating will come to Nationals Park for 2010. Also, virtually all outfield seats in the lower bowl--not located within The Red Porch--will become known as Outfield Reserved and sell for $20. All apart of another ticket restructuring at Our Washington Nationals Ballpark that will reduce pricing on 3,300 seats--including over 2000 in the lower bowl beginning next season for Season Ticket Holders.

In a press release sent out this morning by Our Washington Nationals--the new Home Plate Box and Home Plate Reserved Sections have been included in next year's Season Ticket Options. Located behind home plate, Home Plate Box will consist of the back half of seats in Sections A & E of what is now The Lexus Presidents Club. These seats will be reduced to $150 (instead of $300) and will include access to PNC Diamond Club and the buffet there--Not The Lexus Presidents Club. And in-seat food service for an additional A LA Carte charge per item--not free as patrons of Presidents Club enjoy. Additionally, Home Plate Box Patrons WILL NOT have access to the snack/water & food table just outside the Presidents Club entrance nor use of the restrooms there. Home Plate Box ticket holders will have to use the facilities of The PNC Diamond Club or the main concourse. Four Home Plate Box Season Tickets purchased entitles the ticket holder to one Parking Pass in either Garage B or C.

Home Plate Reserved will provide access to seats in what is now The PNC Diamond Club in Sections 119, 120 & 126--the back half portion. For $75 this ticket is for A SEAT ONLY--no access to The PNC Diamond Club. Understand, you are just buying a ticket as you would in the great majority of the rest of the ballpark.

Outfield Reserved Sections 101 to 107 (near Center Field Gate) and Sections 138 to 143 on the Main Concourse (running from the right field foul line to center field) will be $20 for all seats. Remember, these prices are for Season Ticket Holders--not individual game seats.

Additionally--Lower Right Field Terrace Seats (Section 222 to 236 have been reduced for Partial & Full Season Plans to $15.

The final few rows of The Red Seats in The Red Loft (which have hardly ever been used) will be torn out and replaced with standing bar rails--similar to what is seen throughout Nationals Park on the main concourse. This will help expand the bar area of the extremely popular Red Loft Hangout.

All Season Ticket holders will be receiving a Renewal Packet in the mail soon. The Free Gift for paying and renewing in full by December 4th, 2009 is a Crystal Baseball Glove etched with a Curly "W". Additionally, and The African Queen and I like this return giveway--A Special Season Ticket Holder Pin will be included for 2010. A very popular item in 2005 & 2006 when Baseball First Returned to The Nation's Capital.

Also for 2010-An Exclusive Season Ticket Holders Entrance at Center Field Gate and all season ticket holders can receive interest free payments that can be laid off over a five month period ending in March, 2010.

Here is the complete press release from Our Washington Nationals:


Ballclub Reduces Prices and Increases Value For Renewing And New Season Ticket Holders

The Washington Nationals today announced season ticket prices and renewal procedures for the 2010 season at Nationals Park. The team will decrease season ticket prices of over 3,300 seats, and will not increase prices of any non-premium seats, continuing to offer affordable, fan-friendly entertainment. Nationals Season Ticket Holders who renew their plans will continue to receive many benefits that are not available to the individual ticket buyer, including the ability to enroll in the Grand Slam EZ Payment Plan.

“The Nationals are committed to providing a top-notch, affordable, fan experience for all guests,” said Nationals President Stan Kasten. “We are pleased to lower prices on over 3,300 seats, including over 2,000 in the lower bowl, and will continue to offer season ticket plans for as little as $10 per game. We thank our fans for their continued support of the Washington Nationals as we continue to build towards a winning ballclub in the Nation’s Capital.”

The team will introduce three new seating sections at the ballpark in 2010 – Home Plate Box, Home Plate Reserved and Outfield Reserved (see attached diagram). The Home Plate Box, adjacent to the Lexus Presidents seats, will cost $150 per seat and include one parking pass per four tickets and access to the PNC Diamond Club. The Home Plate Reserved, priced at $75 per ticket, is adjacent to the PNC Diamond seats. These two sections will provide guests with premier sightlines, just rows away from the action on the field. Additionally, the team has combined the LF Box (Sections 103 through 107), LF Reserved (101 and 102) and RF Reserved (138 through 143) to create the Outfield Reserved Section – in which over 2,000 seats have been reduced by at least $5. This section provides fans with additional options for affordable seats ($20 in a full season ticket plan) in the lower bowl of the ballpark, where they will find plenty to cheer about in 2010.

Additionally, over 1,000 seats in the Lower RF Terrace (the lower half of Sections 222 through 236) have been reduced to $15 per seat for all half- and partial-plan holders. (A complete list of season ticket prices, with changes in bold, is listed below). The club will also remove the remaining two rows of Red Loft Seats and replace them with bar rails, as seen throughout the ballpark. The changes to Nationals Park were made to add to the impressive sightlines and improve the experience of all Nationals fans visiting the ballpark.

The Nationals will offer half-season ticket plans in 2010 in areas of the ballpark where they were not available in 2008 or 2009. Fans may now purchase 42-game packages on the Club Level in 1st & 3rd Base Club (Sections 206 through 208 and 219 through 221, $50 per seat). Club Level seats include access to the Stars & Stripes Club.

The average season ticket price for a non-premium seat will be $28.60 at Nationals Park in 2010. Almost half (17,227) of the non-premium seats offered at Nationals Park will be $20 or less. The total cost of a family of four attending a Washington Nationals game in 2010 could be as inexpensive as $40 for Season Ticket Holders on the Gallery Level or $80 on the Field Level.

For the first time in team history all non-premium Season Ticket Holders will have the option to enroll in the Grand Slam EZ Payment Plan to pay for their season tickets. This interest-free payment plan, which spreads payments out from November 1, 2009 through March 1, 2010, was designed to make renewing or purchasing new Nationals season tickets easy and convenient for fans.

Current Nationals Season Ticket Holders will receive renewal information, including a preview of Season Ticket Holder benefits, via e-mail today and a detailed renewal packet within a few weeks, but may log onto My Nationals Tickets at today to begin the process.

2010 Season Ticket Plans include tickets to the April 3 exhibition game vs. the Boston Red Sox, at 50 percent off the listed season ticket price. Fans who are interested in becoming new 2010 Season Ticket Holders may place deposits to secure seats by calling 202.675.NATS(6287), Option #1, or by visiting Individual and group pricing will be announced at a later date.

Email Letter Sent To Season Ticket Holders this morning:

How do we thank you as the season comes to a close? You, our loyal season ticket holders, are the single most important part of our franchise and have been there for us. Now, more than ever, we want to be there for you. We want to give you plenty to cheer about in 2010. Here's a preview:

Nats Red Carpet Rewards! OUR VERY BEST FREE BENEFIT EVER! With this points-based rewards program, all renewing season ticket holders receive points redeemable for one FREE ticket (for every game in your plan) for every two season tickets you renew by December 4, 2009. Or you can use your points to upgrade to better traditional seats or PNC Diamond seats or Lexus Presidents seats or even to reserve a suite. Or you can use your points to get a group of FREE tickets for a specific game. Use your reward points toward extra tickets for family, to impress clients with club seats or to treat friends and co-workers to a group night out. ACT NOW... you don't want to miss the best benefit in baseball!

Grand Slam EZ Payment Plan! Use our INTEREST FREE Grand Slam EZ Payment Plan that starts November 1, 2009 and ends on March 1, 2010. This is our most flexible and easiest payment option for your 2010 season ticket and parking plans.
Curly "W" Renewal Gift! Pay in full by December 4, 2009 and receive a fabulous collectible crystal baseball glove etched with a Curly "W".

Exclusive Entrance for Season Ticket Holders! Walk into Nationals Park through your very own season ticket holder entry at the Center Field Gate. Only our most loyal fans will be able to enter through this exclusive entrance.

MVP Parking! All renewing FULL season ticket holders who purchase or renew the popular MVP Parking pass in Garages B or C for 2010 will receive additional Nats Red Carpet Rewards points to use for FREE seat upgrades.

Season Ticket Holder Pin! Back by popular demand, these limited edition collectable pins return for 2010, so don't miss out.
You will be receiving all of your renewal information in just a couple of weeks, but if you log onto My Nationals Tickets today and renew your season tickets and parking online by October 15 you will receive a bonus of $100 in Nats Bucks that can be used towards food and merchandise at Nationals Park!


An Briosca Mor said...

The e-mail does not mention whether the Future Game Ticket Exchange Program or the Unused Ticket Exchange Program benefits will continue in 2010. Personally, I'd take those over a pin any day. Although the new rewards benefits do sound nice, especially the $100 in Nats Bucks for food/drink/merchandise.

Also, the e-mail I got was addressed "Dear Richard" even though that's not my name. But when I called today to relocate my seats and put down a deposit, they were still glad to take my money, even though it wasn't Richard's.

Captain Tubular said...

This is a complete joke. Why no partial season plans in ALL the sections behind home plate and at club level? Don't they realize how awful this looks on TV?

dcbatgirl said...

Pretty interesting. I'm not surprised to see lower prices, but don't envy the ushers who will be expected to enforce who can or cannot use different bathrooms in the premium seating areas.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Frank: There are Partial Plans in Diamond Club and Stars & Stripes Club, not Presidents Club though.

Screech's Best Friend said...

ABM: I am sure the ticket exchange programs will remain the same if not enhanced for 2010. This release today was more about pricing and options available, than complete benefits.

SenatorNat said...

Phillies, Mets, Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodgers fans thrilled to learn that taking over Nats park an even more economical experience than in years past...

Trust in One Large Bar Area - and the Plan. All in flux.

An Briosca Mor said...

SenatorNat, we will not play the Red Sox or the Yankees again for several more years. Unless of course we make the World Series. Are you predicting?

Section 222 said...

My ticket rep told me today that the Unused and Future Ticket Exchange programs will continue and the FTE will be upgraded to just have blackout dates instead of greatly limiting the games that you can exchange your future tickets for the way it did this year.

He also explained the Nats Red Carpet Rewards which sounds like a tremendous benefit if it works the way he described. Basically season ticket holders who commit by Dec. 4 will get a set number points depending on how many tickets and what kind of package they have (Full, Half, Partial). Those points can be exchanged for additional tickets in the same section, or other places. There will be about 10 blackout dates, but it will enable all season ticket holders to get some seats in the Diamond or S&S clubs from time to time.

Wait 'till next year!!

Unknown said...

SBF: Our group is relocating to the Club level. We're trying to decide between seats along 1st base line or more behind home plate. How do you like your view of the game from sec.218?

Screech's Best Friend said...

WE love the view of the game from our seats. It's also prime foul ball territory and close to the restrooms.

Unknown said...

SBF: Good to know. Thanks!