Friday, November 07, 2008

Season Ticket Partner Zone

Our Washington Nationals have set up a new online forum at to assist Season Ticket Holders and those Fans looking to find Season Ticket Partners. The Season Ticket Partner Zone allows Season Ticket Holders to list Game Tickets or Groups of Games available to anyone wishing to join in their Season Ticket Plan. Non-Season Ticket Holders can search the forum to see if they might find a good fit for their own needs.

Considering the tough economic times coming in this country over the new few years, The Season Ticket Partner Zone is a good way to keep fans at the ballpark. Not everyone has the free cash right now to devote toward a Full Season Ticket plan and this effort can hopefully assist many fans that still want to attend games of Our Washington Nationals on a regular basis.

All the information at this link.

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Anonymous said...

I understand what the Nationals are trying to do. It's a good start to try to retain some wavering season ticket holders. For me, though, a 20 game holder since 2005, it's not acceptable.

Rather than expand the availability of the good seats to 20 game holders, the Nationals are trying to salvage as many of the Full Season plans as possible. They want the Full Season folks to act as their ticket brokers in essence. Yes, it is true that some additional sections have supposedly been opened up to partial plan holders. But we also thought that all of the Infield Gallery as well as sections 223-229 were open to 20 Game members. Then we were disappointed to see, at least in the RF Mezzanine section, that seats were saved for Full Season buyers who never materialized.