Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chad Cordero's Wedding

On Saturday November 8th, "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game" closed one out in a very special way. In his most important appearance of 2008, Chad Cordero married Miss Jamie Moody in a special ceremony held at The Laguna Beach Marriott Spa & Resort in Dana Point, California. Nearly 275 Family & Friends were in attendance to witness the moment--including some Major League Baseball Celebrity--Current and Former Players of Our Washington Nationals.

And The Cordero Family wanted to share their Son's Big Day with his many Fans in The Nation's Capital. Chad's Father, Edward, sent a complete picture disk to Sohna and I for The Nats320 Blog. We are, in turn, posting some of the pictures right here today. After the ceremony, Jamie & Chad were whisked off to the South Pacific Island of Bora-Bora for a Special Honeymoon Week.

Sohna and I only wish the very best to one of Our Most Favorite Players of All Time--Chad Cordero and his lovely bride--Mrs. Jamie Cordero.

So, here we go with Chad Cordero's Wedding.

The Pre-Game:
With Brother Matthew Suiting Up
Father Edward with Sons--Alan, Chad & Matthew
Flower Girl Shay McCool & Ringer Bearer Landon Steven (Chad's Cousins)
Ushers--Many of whom were Chad's Former Teammates at Cal-State Fullerton
Contemplating The Future With Derrick Merrill
Sean Martin--played in San Francisco Farm System, now works for Super Agent Scott Boros
BJ Pilliterre--Plays For The Yankees AA Affiliate
Dustin Miller--played for Los Angeles Angels Minor League Affiliates
Kurt Suzuki--Catcher for The Oakland Athletics
Chad's Parents--Patti & Ed
Chad's Sister Ashley & Mother Patti
With Brother Alan, Sister Ashley and Brother Matthew
The Cordero Family
The Cordero Family joined by Edward, Jr (Chad's Half Brother) and his wife, Bernie
Some Of The Guests
Joel Hanrahan, Dmitri Young, Robert Fick & Billy Traber

Chad alongside Matt (Larry's Assistant), Larry Reynolds (his Agent) and Joel Hanrahan
Megan & Zach Day
Chad with Sadi
Chad with Sadi (Great, Great Grand Daughter of Silvia) & Silva Lopez--Chad's Great Aunt
Game Time--The Vows--Closing It Out

Jamie's Father, Mike Moody, escorts her to The Alter
"The Chief" ready to Close It Out

Let The Party Begin!!

The First Dance

"The Chief" Cutting A Mean Rug With His Sister--Ashley

Jamie having a private moment with her Father--Mike Moody.

And Chad along with Cal-State Fullerton Baseball Coach Dave Serrano and his former Titan TeammatesMany thanks to Chad's Father, Edward Cordero, for sharing his Family's Special Event. And Chad, who also wanted his many Fans of Our Washington Nationals to share in his Special Day.

Our Very Best To The Bride & Groom!!
All Photos--The Cordero Family--All Rights Reserved


Kenny G said...

what a great man - congratulations to chad and his family!

and on a slightly different note... dmitri young sure looks in pretty good shape, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Stuff like this is what makes your blog so much fun. I never quite know what is coming next. Thanks again for your continuing effort.

Zach Day. The Nats have gone through so many players over the past five years, I had completely forgot about him. Nice reminder.

Agree with kenny g, Dmitri does look good.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Beautiful event.

Anonymous said...

It is very good to see Chad's happy event. Good to see Nationals getting together and a few throwback names like Zach Day.

I am not sure if Chad has anything left in the tank, but here is wishing him well wherever he ends up.

Anonymous said...

Hail to the Chief! (and congrats, best of luck!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Chief - The best of luck to you and your new bride as you embark on this new chapter of your life. Thanks for the many thrills. You will always be my favorite National!

SBF - Thanks for posting these photos.

Take me out to the Ball Game!


Anonymous said...

Thanks much for sharing the pics. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I wish a long and happy marriage for Chad and his lovely bride. Dmitri does look good and it's nice to see old familiar faces like Zach Day and Robert Fick, too.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Chad! I hope you sign a nice fat incentive laden deal with Our Nats and you work your way back into the closer role. Your wedding looked like one heck of a party. I've been married to my bride for 21 years. It only hurts once! Best of luck to you and your better half.

BADGER said...


Anonymous said...

i know it would be impossible to invite everyone . iwish you the best. congratulations.aunt sylvia.