Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drew Storen's New Uniform Number

When Drew Storen was first introduced at Nationals Park in 2009 after signing a contract with Our Washington Nationals--he wore a Nats jersey bearing uniform number 26.

Before Storen even arrived for his first Spring Training in Viera, Florida in 2010, Drew was handed uniform number 58. Since then, he's been trying to get that number lowered. Drew even stated he'd would like to cut that high numeral in half. Yesterday, that desire finally paid off.

Last evening at Nationals Park, not only did D.C.'s Team unveil new 2011 uniforms, but Drew Storen showed off his new uniform number--the number 25.

His thoughts on the change:

“I wanted to switch. I just couldn’t decide on the number. 25 has a legacy of power hitters. So I am just trying to change that up a little. Having number 58 was like being a linebacker (in football) and of course I have the body for that (chuckling). That number is for someone who is trying to fight for a job in spring training. Matt Capps could pull off number 55 because he’s established, but when you are young, you need to try to go as low as you can. And that’s what I’ve done.”

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