Thursday, May 06, 2010

Not Swinging, Our Bench & The Tribute

The African Queen and I had other business interests to take care of early this morning, but here are a few thoughts about last night's 7-6 loss to The Atlanta Braves at Nationals Park in 10 innings.

With the game tied 6-6 in the bottom of the 9th and Adam Dunn at the plate, he's got to be swinging the bat. Dunn can't be taking borderline pitches with the game on the line--looking for a walk. Facing Chris Medlen, Our Number 44's got to show a little bat discipline and attempt to foul off those close tosses. With Our Manager Jim Riggleman's bench getting very thin at this point in the game--Adam Dunn should be blasting away to end the game, not walking his way to extending the game.

Dunn's value at the plate in this situation is his power.

There was no value in Dunn striking out looking.

Speaking of Riggleman's bench, why was Wil Nieves sent to the plate to bat for Roger Bernadina in the bottom of the 10th with one out--down one run--to face Billy Wagner? Nieves was completely overmatched and struck out swinging? Doesn't Bernadina have better batting skills--even if facing the hard throwing Atlanta lefty closer? Only Willy Taveras was left for Manager Jim to choose at this point--not sure if he was a better choice--but just let Roger Bernadina bat at this point. Our Manager really had no better options available.

Finally, during the pre-game tribute to Hall Of Fame Broadcaster Ernie Harwell who passed away two days ago, Our Washington Nationals held the respectful moment of silence. Only to have the ceremony disrupted by Pat Benatar's song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" blasting away during the entire timeframe. The very loud music appeared to be coming from the open tented "Bullpen" Bar just across N St. SE from Center Field Plaza. If so, they apparently didn't get the word, or care, and their loudspeakers were just cranked to the max.

There has got to be some cooperation on special tributes like this.

Absolutely ruined the entire Ernie Harwell moment. Just disgraceful.

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Jenn Jenson said...

OMG-I so agree about Adam swinging the bat. I was screaming at him from my seats, "SWING! THE! BAT!"