Thursday, November 05, 2009

Please Let The Celebration Breathe

Not 15 seconds after Mark Teixeira recorded the final out of Game 6 of the 2009 World Series, Major League Baseball Officials and Staff were all over the field getting in the way of The New York Yankees celebrating their victory. Do you think MLB could let the players live in the moment for a little while longer?

Do you think Major League Baseball could let the celebration breathe?

No, instead you could clearly see on Fox TV guys carrying handfuls of Grey Championship Tee Shirts and Navy Blue/White Caps grabbing players from their pile of joy while forcing the commercial crap all over them right away. Nothing more ridiculous than when some tee-shirt toting guy grabs Teixeira and pulls him back from hugging Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera just to tell him to put on that grey tee-shirt. For a moment, it looked like Mark was going to slug him for getting in the way of his fun. And Teixeira probably should have too.

It is just plain silly. Whether The New York Yankees, The Philadelphia Phillies or, eventually, Our Washington Nationals win The World Series--Major League Baseball needs to let the players, coaches and club personnel enjoy the spontaneity, The Moment Of Joy, winning a championship gives someone--without the crass commercialism being shoved down everyone's throats--right away.

There will be plenty of time for that stuff later.

Please Major League Baseball, let the celebration breathe. Don't choke and cut off all the natural excitement of a special moment in a team's lifetime--just to sell a few more tee-shirts and caps.

Of course, not five minutes after The New York Yankees claimed their 27th Title, the very first commercial played on Fox was--you guessed it--"Buy Your New York Yankees Championship Memorabilia Right Now!!"

Even when a team has reached the pinnacle of their sport, Major League Baseball still can't get past the money side--for 10 minutes. Very disappointing.

Photo--Jared Wickerham (Getty Images)


HondoFan said...

I am disgusted by these Bozos on the field handing out t-shirts. Now, instead of photos capturing the moment of celebration, a historical moment, these idiots will be in every photo,ruining the whole thing!

miss bee said...

i, too, thought, "wow, they sure are quick with those teeshirts."

i had never noticed it before after watching a series win (nlcs, etc). hmm.

Section 222 said...

I agree completely. What a disgusting spectacle. And $29.95 for a hat too. Pulease.

By the way, assuming you are talking about the act of bringing air in and out of your lungs, it's "breathe", not "breath".