Friday, December 14, 2007

Why It Hurts

Sorry for the delay in posting about The Mitchell Report. For the past 36 Hours, I have worked exclusively on this topic for my television network. In fact, at the time not many Baseball Folks are speaking directly on the subject--we lined up an interview with The Toronto Blue Jays President & CEO--Paul Godfrey for television this afternoon. With that out of the way now--here's my take on The Mitchell Report.

Baseball Will Survive. The National Pastime has always persevered its many problems. Even those where everyone involved has shot themselves right in the foot. The just released Mitchell Report involving Steroids And Human Growth Hormones is no exception. But, it doesn't take away the sadness of knowing that cheating was rampant over the past decade in Major League Baseball. Not only were star players involved in enhancing themselves physically---but some of the very last players on any team--The 25th Man--were juicing just to draw a Major League Paycheck.

Why do you think the names of Tim Laker, Mike Lansing and Nook Logan are in Senator Mitchell's Report? Being called A Major League Player for your career, is far better than being called a Career Minor Leaguer. The salary doesn't hurt either.

That's a fact.

But, the hurt does not stop there. The Commissioner Of Baseball and Most EVERY SINGLE OWNER, and most every single Major League Team are equally culpable over the same period of time. For Greed, Money and A Revitalization of THE GREAT GAME after a terrible lockout in 1994--Most All of Baseball turned their backs on an ever escalating problem.

That is not only sad--but reckless. Baseball was not only, out of control, but on the verge of destroying its own integrity. All for what has become all too common in The Great Country we all are so fortunate to live--American Greed.

Being of Strong Character is important to me. Integrity Counts too. So, it continues to bother me that The Major League Baseball Players Assocation Executive Director--Donald Fehr--persists in stonewalling every investigation into this important issue. Sure, it may be his job--but it doesn't make it right.

Whether Mr. Fehr believes it or not--Baseball has lost this extra inning affair. The Game is Now Over. A New Season is about to begin. Hopefully, Hope Still Springs Eternal.

Whether you are a Major League Baseball Player, The Commissioner, Owner of a Team, or run The Players Association--many of you are unfortunately guilty by association--in the public eye--whether you were directly involved or not. That hurts me too. Honestly, it does. So, for once and for all--could you please get yourselves all together--on one page--AND SOLVE THIS CRISIS ONCE AND FOR ALL?

Because--when Sohna and I step foot into New Nationals Park for that very first history making game to enjoy Our Washington Nationals on March 30, 2008--we don't wish to have ANY DOUBT that the game playing out in front us--is legitimate--in every way.

Remember, we are talking about The MOST FABLED OF AMERICAN SPORT. The NFL or WWE--Baseball is not. If you are unable to work these issues out--that saddness, my hurt--for the game I love--will not go away for some time.

Baseball, undoubtedly, will survive--but you have to clean up your act--now. The Damage has been done and the time has come to end any more denials--from EVERYONE. No, its not easy, when so many are caught cheating. But, your resolve must follow through. Your instinct must tell you to do the right thing. This Steroid/Human Growth Hormone Issue has to be resolved. Baseball needs--to not only find its lost character again--but its integrity--as well.

I Love The Game--Always Will--but I find myself saddened over how Baseball has hurt every single fan--for over 10 years--with lies and half-truths. That's more than a decades worth--my friends.

Clean yourself up Baseball--For the Good Of The Game!

Baseball owes every one of its fans, who have supported Baseball through thick and thin, THAT EARNED RESPECT--AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

Proble would be solved if MLBPA would allow just small blood samples to be taken. The blood tells all.

paul said...

I get the feeling this is about 20% of the iceberg. It seems just a matter of time before Alex Rodriguez gets cornered by his accusers. None of this is pleasant to think of for Bud Selig or for us. I guess Barry Bonds is pleased, though!

An Briosca Mor said...

If this were a situation where elected officials were in charge, you can bet that at the next election the bums at the top would be thrown out and "reformers" brought in to clean house - not unlike what happened after Watergate. And the systemic corruption was as deep then as it is in this situation. Too bad there aren't any elected officials at the top of this MLB dung heap. Oh, wait....there are! Commissioner Bud Selig is elected by the 30 owners of MLB teams, and Donald Fehr is elected, or more properly hired, by the players. These two bums should be thrown out and replaced with better leaders who can start the rebuilding process for the beloved game of baseball, which will take years. The Kenesaw Mountain Landises of our time need to be found for these jobs, not the hacks whose names will be put forward like GW Bush and Condi Rice. Why aren't the members of the baseball press putting pressure on Selig and Fehr to resign now, and if they refuse to resign why aren't the owners and players being pressured to dump them?

Anonymous said...

In the end though, will fans stop going to go games?

Will this all matter?

I think people just want to go to games to be entertained, and while we may all care, nothing much will change; honestly, won't we all cheer for LoDuca anyway if he drives in a game winning RBI?

Anonymous said...

Baseball players need to step up and insitute an Honor Code. If you know someone's cheating, you turn them in. If you don't, you're guilty too and face the same punishment. The same can be said about coaches, GMs and owners as well, since this report has shown that everybody was looking the other way.

I'm irritated that no active players, save for Jason Giambi, spoke to Sen. Mitchell. A few of them are now speaking up, only to try to salvage their reputation. It's too late now -- Andy Pettite, Gary Bennett, and David Justice! You all deserve to be lumped in with Canseco and McGwire and Giambi and Bonds -- guys who clearly deliberately used the drugs to pump up their statistics.