Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Last Winter Caravan Stop

I badly wanted to attend Monday afternoon's Nationals Caravan Appearance at the New Stadium Complex on South Capitol Street, but, unforunately, real work got in the way, forcing me to miss it. Although Miss Chatter and Dan Steinberg both made the event, for posterity sake. And, I am thankful for their coverage.

Later, I caught up with both of them at The ESPN Zone for the final Winer Caravan Stop for Our Washington Nationals. The usual suspects were in tow, from the past week, except for the FRESH APPEARANCE from Star Third Baseman, Ryan Zimmerman. " Z" picked up on the tour over the past three days, during its stops in Fredericksburg, Richmond and Tidewater (his hometown), Virginia, then returning to DC for its final day.

About 100 folks showed up for the so-called Celebrity Cookoff. Zimmerman, faced off against Nook Logan and Mike O'Connor to cook a pre-selected hot meal, to be judged by Nationals Vice-President of External Affairs--Alphonso Maldon, The ESPN Zone Head Chef, a local TV news person and a youngster selected from the audience.

Each player worked along side an ESPN ZONE CHEF. Since the players were concentrating so hard on making the meal, there was not much conversation. So, Radio Voice--Charlie Slowes took questions and My BEST FRIEND--SCREECH hammed it up!

The best quote, by far, came from a young questioner, who asked the three players what nicknames, if any, they had for any of their Nationals' Teammates. Ryan Zimmerman, brought the house down, when he told Charlie Slowes--"I always call Chad Cordero--"Chief TOM-TOM!!"

Its a good name. I really liked it.

After about 30 minutes of preping and cooking their selected meals, the judges took the taste test. Zimmerman and O'Connor scored 48 points, but Nook Logan took home the title, by scoring 52 points. During his victory speech, he told Charlie Slowes "I want to thank my Cook, for Cooking THE MEAL!!" Everybody busted out laughing. Later, all three players would sign their Chef Aprons for their helpers, then sign autographs for all the faithful fans in attendance.

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