Friday, October 06, 2006

Terry Pendleton

I got to give SenatorNat credit. Last Saturday Night, he came up to me in Section 320 and told me, you know I really believe that The Nationals will hire Terry Pendleton as their new manager. He's young, respected and knows Stan Kasten well. Then, in the commentary on the Nats320Blog, SenatorNat wrote:
"Terry Pendleton, current Atlanta Braves hitting coach, and former NL MVP at third, played for Braves and Reds, is credited with turning Braves star Andrew Jones into hitting machine, and was the first offensive star, as Kasten turned the Braves into Beast in the NL East, too."
And finished with:
"Have faith in Kasten, a proven winner, who seems to know how manage complex situations and people...Off-season should be interesting, indeed."

I was sort of taken back by SenatorNats comment. SenatorNat always has a comment. Had never considered Terry Pendleton as a possibility. Never knew Pendleton had any managerial interests.

Now today, The Washington Post, Washington Times and Bill Ladson on are reporting the exact same thing-Pendleton as a serious candidate for Nats Manager, after all three news sources have spent the past week rehashing the "USUAL SUSPECTS" over and over again. I am not interested in Lou Piniella, Dusty Baker--both are just other variations on Frank Robinson. There is something about Joe Girardi that's not adding up with his ouster from Florida. He must be a real pain in the butt--especially if the Marlins loser of an owner, Jeffrey Loria, can't get along with his own chosen guy. Tony Pena's also been mentioned, but he QUIT ON THE ROYALS a few years ago, just walking away from the job. I can't appreciate that, now matter how bad the Royals may be. Don't know enough about Mets third base coach, Manny Acta to really have an honest opinion.

What I like about Pendleton is that he's "FRESH" will have his own ideas, and is not just another recycled manager, not just another "GOOD BASEBALL MAN" that you always hear each and every off season. Pendleton was a combative, in your face, tough player for many years, I like that alot. It would carry over well in the Manager's seat. He doesn't have any managerial experience, but smart folks hire good people to be around them. Terry Pendleton is one of those smart folks.

I don't know whether the Nationals will eventually move in this direction, but I am pleased to see that Kasten and Jim Bowden are looking at different choices. And, SenatorNat continues to amaze me with his knowledge. On the ball, once again.


Anonymous said...

What scares me the most about Girardi is that he might share one of Frank's bad traits - overworking pitchers. It's only one example, but Girardi put Josh Johnson back in the game after a substantial rain delay. Afterwards Johnson was shut down for the year with an arm injury. It's one example, but considering he was being rather cavalier with a young arm like Johnson, you have to wonder...


Screech's Best Friend said...

I actually could see Pendleton be another in the line of Willie Randolph types, classy and knowledgeable about the game. Willing to trust others, not only his coaches, but his players. Terry Pendleton will let his player's grow up. You have to like that. You would not see Pendleton trashing his players in the media, like Frank Robinson did on a daily basis. That alone is way ahead of anyone else in the running.

Anonymous said...

Lou Piniella can probably command $5 million per year and the Lerners aren't going to pay those kind of bucks. Further, Piniella at age 65 wants to manage a team that has a chance to win it all right now and that's not the Nats. I think the fact the Pendleton is in the Atlanta system, that he is an African American and that he comes on the cheap makes him a serious candidate.

Anonymous said...

One thing you can say about hiring Terry Pendleton. If the Nats hire him, it's likely because they think he will be a good manager and not just something to impress sportswriters or grab headlines. (Hiring Gary Carter or Cal Ripken, Jr. for example.) I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best!