Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out With The Old & In With The New For 2010/2011

Over the past five years, Nats320 has always concluded the calendar year with our annual Out With The Old & In With The New list.  So what better way to finish off 2010 and usher in 2011 than with our latest rendition, the 1854th post in Nats320's history.  

With that, here we go.  And in no particular order:

Out: The Plan  
In: Phase Two.
Out: Stan Kasten  
In: Mike Rizzo with total control of Baseball Operations. In fact, “Rizz” is putting his stamp on the franchise--no one else
Out: Adam Dunn slugging away at 1st Base  
In: At this time--no one (Not good)
Out: Wil Nieves  
Back In: Jesus Flores
Out: No real depth at catcher.  
In: Strong behind the plate with Pudge Rodriguez, Wilson Ramos and Jesus Flores.  They can all hit too. 
Out: Stephen Strasburg due to injury  
In: Hopefully fully recovered by 2012
Out: A true Number One Starter  
In: Maybe Jordan Zimmermann, but no one else stands out right now.
Out: A 2010 Starting Rotation of Strasburg, John Lannan, Livan Hernandez, Jason Marquis, Craig Stammen, Scott Olsen & Luis Atilano.  
In: 2011 Rotation of Jordan Zimmermann, Livo, Lannan, Marquis, Ross Detwiler, Yunesky Maya and whoever else toes the rubber and succeeds (Doesn’t appear too daunting of a rotation right now--sadly).
Out: The roughed up and not ready for Prime Time 2010 August Call Up--Yunesky Maya
In: The 2010 Dominican Winter League Most Outstanding Pitcher. He was good.
Out: 2009’s awful bullpen 
In: Relief corps again a centerpiece of the squad
Out: Clipp & Save  
In: Clipp & Store  (Might become Clipp & Burn if Henry Rodriguez’s newly traded for smoke lights up Natstown’s pitching mound)
With Strasburg Out.  
Bringing Bryce Harper In is as important as ever.
Out: Anyone else as Face Of The Franchise 
In: Ryan Zimmerman has the moniker locked down for at least three more seasons--no question about it.
Out: Block Lettering and the “DC” Logo  
In: Curly “W” all the way
Out: Hammer & Donkey and handshakes after home runs
In: Jayson Werth and probably forearm smashes instead
Out: Fielders with no range up the middle. 
In: Ian Desmond & Danny Espinosa
Out: He may not have been granted a 2nd Gold Glove in 2010  
In: But Ryan Zimmerman remains the best all around 3rd Baseman in the game. No question about it.
Out: Slow and below average fielders.  
In: Speed and defense.
Out: Baseball America’s 2009 Nationals Top Prospects:

1.Stephen Strasburg, rhp
2.Derek Norris, c
3.Drew Storen, rhp
4.Ian Desmond, ss
5.Danny Espinosa, ss
6.Chris Marrero, 1b
7.Jeff Kobernus, 2b
8.Justin Maxwell, of
9.Michael Burgess, of
10.Destin Hood, of

In: Baseball America’s 2010 Nationals Top Prospects: 
Bryce Harper, of
Derek Norris, c
Danny Espinosa, ss/2b
A.J. Cole, rhp
Wilson Ramos, c
Sammy Solis, lhp
Cole Kimball, rhp
Eury Perez, of
Chris Marrero, 1b
Brad Peacock, rhp
Considering five of the 10 in 2009 made the Major Leagues last season, it’s encouraging that only 1 in the 2010 list (Espinosa) has made the Big Leagues. The pipeline is getting better each year.
He may not be out just yet.  
But Chris Marrero might have to prove he belongs in the Big Leagues this season to be finally Included.  Times running out for him.
Out: Pat Listach as 3rd Base Coach.  
In: Bo Porter--every other coaching position remains the same.
Out: All those double switches. 
In: Trust the players you put out there on the field.
Out: AM Radio still a possibility in 2011.  
In: But at least Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler are back for at least another three years of broadcasting games.
Out: Rob Dibble on MASN  
In: Maybe Ray Knight, maybe someone else doing color commentary.
Out: Teddy Never Wins  
In: Time For Some New Shtick.
Out: Even though Our Washington Nationals still have a ways to go.  
In: At least there is some stability throughout the entire organization for the very first time.
Out: Hopefully, Nyjer Morgan’s inconsistent and sometimes bizarre play 
In: Hopefully, Tony Plush can return to the exciting, crowd pleasing player he was during the final few months of 2009 after coming over from Pittsburgh.
Out: Not getting the Number One Overall Pick in the June Draft for the first time in three years  
In:  Washington picking Number 6 overall in 2011.
Out: Bar & Wine tabs in Diamond Club & Presidents Club  
In: Free Beer & Wine (from a select menu) in Diamond Club & Presidents Club for tickets holders.
Out: No Philadelphia Phillies for Opening Day at Nationals Park.  
In: Hopefully, never again.

Out: Don't want to hear the owners are cheap anymore.
In: $127 Million to Jayson Werth, $45 Million to Zimmerman, $15 Million to Strasburg & $10 Million to Bryce Harper says a lot.
Players on the outs: Willie Harris, Kevin Mench, Wil Nieves (signed with Milwaukee), Jason Bergmann (signed with Boston), Adam Kennedy, Cristian Guzman (traded to Texas--now a Free Agent), Carlos Maldonado, Jamie Burke, Scott Olsen (signed with Pittsburgh), Joel Peralta (signed with Tampa), Tyler Walker, Miguel Batista, Jesse English, Aaron Thompson (on waivers to Pittsburgh) and Matt Capps (traded to Minnesota)
Players Way Out: Wily Taveras, Elijah Dukes &  Brian Bruney

Players on the ins: Matt Stairs, Rick Ankiel, Corey Brown, Henry Rodriguez, Chad Gaudin, Chien-Ming Wang, Brian Broderick & Elvin Ramirez
Not really an out or an in--but in 2010, Our Washington Nationals suited up 46 different players over the course of the season to play in their 162 games--the smallest number since baseball returned to D.C. in 2005.

And finally: Out of his very own body--a kidney from Rick Eckstein
Into the body of his brother--Ken--to save his life.  As classy and loving as it comes today.

If you have any Outs & Ins to add, please do so in the comment area.  And for everyone out there, Happy New Year from Nats320!!


TBC said...

Out: Chien-Mieng Wang rehabbing in Viera
In: Wang a strong possibility for 2011 rotation. (Even at less than full strength, he has to be better than the likes of Atilano, Mock, Stammen, etc.)

"But at least Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler are back for at least another three years of broadcasting games."

Was this announced? I don't recall seeing it if it was.

Screech's Best Friend said...

TBC: There was no official announcement but Charlie & Dave are definitely back to broadcast the games.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Could you let us know when the Nats Fan Fest will be held this year, assuming there is one?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: No official announcement yet on Natsfest, but in the past it's always been held during the last week of January, first day or two of February.

AVM221 said...

I asked my rep about FanFest and her guess was late Feb or early March. She did give me dates for two Ladies Nights and the latest version of Baseball 101.

paul said...

What happened to AM radio?

TBC said...

"I asked my rep about FanFest and her guess was late Feb or early March."

That would make sense from the perspective of avoiding possible bad weather, as happened last year. But it would make it difficult to have any players, manager or coaches there, since Spring Training will have started. The first ST game is February 28th, with games daily except for one or two off days right up until Opening Day.