Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dirtbag Player

"He's a dirtbag player and I say that with the utmost respect." Our General Manager Mike Rizzo's best comment from this afternoon's media availability introducing Jayson Werth as the newest member of Our Washington Nationals. Before a packed media room at Nationals Park, with the Lerner Family in attendance, Jayson donned the Curly "W" for the first time--wearing his customary uniform number 28 (Michael Morse will switch to wearing uniform number 38 in 2011.)

Rizzo's "dirtbag" comment was said in reference to Mike's personal beliefs about Jayson Werth's accumen--on the field, off the field and in the clubhouse.  As Mike firmly stated in the post press conference side session: "This is the type of guy I covet."

First impressions of Jayson Werth--intense.  He looked everyone directly in the eye who asked a question. And he chose his words wisely throughout the afternoon, saying all the right things. But he finally let his guard down--for the briefest of moments--late in press conference.  When asked for the second time about Cliff Lee signing with The Philadelphia Phillies and whether that money could have been used to re-sign Werth to The Phils, Jayson replied: "They got their boy!! (then a little softer) What more can I say."

That was a good line too.

Much more coming up later, including a complete transcript from the formal presser.

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Edward J. Cunningham said...

I don't blame Werth for being a little unhappy about not being a Phillie, but nobody stuck a gun to his head when he signed with us. Speaking of which, now that the Phillies have re-signed Cliff Lee, can the Nats still improve themselves enough so that when Ryan Zimmerman's contract is up we will either be in the playoffs or in contention?

P.S. I realize it's possible that even in the unlikely case that we win the World Series, Zimm may still want to leave anyway.