Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Young Beer Vendor--Part Two

Nats320 readers, or any fan that attended a spring training game in Viera, Florida last year, might remember the hilarious Young Beer Vendor that hawked concessions at Space Coast Stadium. He held anyone's rapt attention in 2010 with his witty banter and fabulous one-liners while selling beer. When the 2011 Preseason for Our Washington Nationals began this afternoon, the Young Beer Vendor was back--in mid-season form--and leaving anyone within earshot laughing in stitches. Fans were cheering and applauding his every move.

His best effort of the afternoon came during the 3rd inning when for the second time in as many innings, a 20-something year-old man wearing a Stephen Strasburg Jersey dropped another foul ball right in his hands. Yes, that's right, this fan muffed two consecutive balls fouled right to him.

Standing just a few feet away after the second error, Young Beer Vendor shouts out to the fan with the bad hands: "I am going to have to hold a raffle so someone can buy you glove!!" We are here to tell you, everyone within earshot in the announced crowd of 3,658 heard the hilarious comment and busted out laughing. Nearly half Washington's bench looking over the dugout joined in.
That Young Beer Vendor is priceless. When the early spring games drag on due to the constant turnover of players on the field--and interest wanes--guys like him make watching the entire game play out that much better.  We can't wait to see what zingers Young Beer Vendor comes up with tomorrow.

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