Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jesus Flores--Torn Labrum--Surgery Wednesday

Forget tonight's loss to The Philadelphia Phillies, General Manager Mike Rizzo stated after the conclusion of Our Washington Nationals 5-0 defeat at Citizens Bank Park that Jesus Flores now has a torn labrum and will have surgery tomorrow. Dr. James Andrews confirmed the diagnosis today.

Nationals Journal has the details. MASN reported it first. Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler reported it on their postgame show on WFED.

That's a six month recovery (at most reportedly) and Mr. Rizzo believes Jesus will be back by the middle of Spring Training.

This is the second time THIS season that Jesus was back playing again and then something worse was determined when pain persisted. The first time while Flores was rehabbing in the minors. So, why then was Flores activated and used as a pinch hitter over the past week when everyone knew he didn't have shoulder strength back to 100%?

Sorry, it just makes no sense. Strange actually.

Hopefully, Jesus Flores will return healthy and ready to go by Opening Day, 2010. He was a big loss this past season and would be again if he's not on Our Opening Day Roster.


Anonymous said...

I had labrum and rotator cuff surgery two years ago and SLAP tear surgery last November and am still not 100%. You cannot do anything with your bicep for 2 mos after SLAP tear surgery, so I'm guessing it will be longer than 6 mos recovery. I'm just now getting full strength back. Of course, he gets paid to rehab all day and I don't. Incidentally, my Dr. told me that SLAP tears result from throwing - the biceps tendon attaches to the labrum and it can tear at that point. Every time you throw, it tears a little more. Common injury for baseball players and us old softball players.

SenatorNat said...

Apparently, if you play in the Majors, there is but one orthopedist in the world, Dr. James Andrews of Birmingham, AL. Kindly explain why that is and how he maintains the capability to diagnose and perform surgery on essentially all the major leaguers in all sports in our great nation (and beyond). Is it possible that he gets the diagnosis and the prognosis wrong from time to time? Is it possible that he is overextended? Is it possible to use someone else for a change? Should Jesus trust blindly in Andrews?

Trust in the Single Payer Plan. And a single doctor availability. All locked in.

MLEstyle said...

What an unfortunate but thoughtful post. I wish it wasn't the case for such a great guy and a hard worker!

He will be back. And this time, stronger than before.

Screech's Best Friend said...

SenatorNat--there is also Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles that is just as renowned for his opinions and surgery on Major League Players as Dr. Andrews. In fact, Yocum performed the operation on Chad Cordero last year.

phil dunn said...

Flores has had major injuries over the past two seasons. While he is talented, he may be too brittle to hold up as a first string catcher for the Nats.