Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MASN -Rammed Down My Throat

Unlike most everyone else in the Greater Washington, DC area, I have been able to watch every single Washington Nationals Game on television, since the very beginning in 2005, courtesy of DirecTV. But, that doesn't mean I appreciate The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

Created by Bud Selig and his minions at MLB to appease Baltimore Orioles Owner, Peter Angelos, on moving The Montreal Expos here after the 2004 season--MASN is set up to be a CASH COW for Peter The Great, with the current 20 year franchise agreement only giving Our Washington Nationals a 10% current stake in the profits, reaching a nadir of 33% toward the end of this terrible agreement. And, make no mistake about it, I wanted Comcast to win their lawsuit, if only to get the Nationals TV Rights control, out of Angelos's hands, and back up for grabs to the highest bidder.

I'm not going to re-hash all the truly absurd arraignments with this contract again--we all know about it, basically accept it, and for many--Nationals Baseball Fans--They just want to watch the games--and the vehicle for its viewing--MASN, is just as well as Comcast Sports Net. We want to see Our Nats, that's the bottom line.

Before Comcast began showing MASN last September, MASN basically showed The Nats game and nothing else. That was fine with me--its all I really wanted to see. Since the Nationals 2006 season end, I haven't watched it once. Today, its a supposed 24 Hour Programmed Channel with alot of local College Basketball, Orioles and sometimes Nats Game Replays and a ton of Baltimore Sports Shows. I don't watch it and I haven't cared.

But, yesterday, I came across this article in The Examiner Newspaper, throwing fire, once again, on all my disgust with MASN.

The fact that MASN, erstwhile--Peter Angelos--wants to program Nationals Pre & Post Games around The Baltimore Orioles Games, with all Baltimore Talent,is nothing short of ludicrous.

I don't now who Amber Theoharis or Anita Marks are, or anything about their backgrounds. They may be talented. But, I do know they are BALTIMORE PERSONALITIES. They have NOTHING to do with Washington, DC. As much as I love Rick Dempsey, supposedly the Pre/Post Game Show Analyst--decent player during a fabulous run by The Orioles, and drop dead funny in person--he is closely associated with Baltimore.

Washington needs to find and build its own local talent--not have MASN continually tap their, easily found and used, Baltimore Folks--produced on the cheap.


Still today, I follow The Orioles. The African Queen and I attended 6 games last season at Camden Yards--3, of course with The Nationals. But, when I am at home watching MY Washington Nationals on the road, I want to hear and see knowledgeable input from reliable sources that cover Our NATIONALS--FULL TIME--nothing short of that is acceptable.

Alot about this Examiner article may well have to do with its writer, Jim Williams. I've work in the media, at the top of the playing field for over a quarter of a century, right here in Washington, DC--never in my life, had I ever heard Jim Williams name--not once. Every time I read one of his articles, he's kissing up to whatever media outlet he's preening for. It always gives me a feeling, Williams is looking for someone to hire him as a Media MegaGod for a team. Whether its Peter Angelos, Daniel Snyder, Abe Pollin, Ted Leonsis--never a discouraging word is written.

Alot of the crap that Williams has posted up in the past has been just that--CRAP! None of it true. And, I am hoping that is the case, again, today in this Examiner article.

But, if there is an inkling of truth to it--Mark Lerner and Stan Kasten better be on their Blackerry's setting up the meeting to discuss this outrage right now.

Sohna and I support THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS--Not The Washington Nationals of Baltimore. I am sick of it.


Jay said...

In a related story, it was announced today that Rick "Doc" Walker and Charles Mann will host the Ravens Postgame show next season.

phil dunn said...

Where do you get such great photos? First, the one of Boozer Bowden and now an even better one of Cadaver Angelos.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Phil-I am in Televison News--it helps with the resources--tremendously so. Many, though, are my very own pics. But, Google Images is the primary "GO TO" Source. Its seems you can find just about anything there. They have this one Angelos Pix of him with Devil's Horns that I have been tempted to use many times, but always pick something else.

Thanks for the kind commment

Brandon Kriner said...

Couple things:

1. Most Nats fans are just glad to be able to watch the games. We don't really care (yet) who the personalities are. Believe me, I'm just relieved not to have to sit at my computer and watch the GameCast on ESPN.

2. I don't care who those two ladies are or where they come from. If that's really what they look like, they are welcome to grace my TV screen.

Mike said...

Does anyone know what happens with the Nats' connection to MASN at the end of 20 years?

Eddie Cunningham said...

I'm not sure. What I'm really looking forward to will happen in about ten years or so, when The Toad finally takes a dirt nap.

Anyway, if the MASN broadcasters are really bad, turn down the sound of the TV and listen to the radio. I've grown fonder of Charlie Slowes over the past two years and I think he will be a voice that Washington baseball fans will love as the years go on...

Screech's Best Friend said...

Mike: Unless MASN/Orioles have Right of First Refusal--then after 20 years, the Nationals TV Rights go up for grabs to the highest bidder and Washington would retain 100% of all their TV Rights. The Right of First Refusal Clause is what The Orioles/Angelos fought Comcast over when Angelos moved the Orioles from Comcast to MASN after the 2006 season.

Eddie Cunningham said...

BTW, I saw this article in the Washington Times today. You can't say that the Toad (or his minions) are unwilling to hire Washington sports icons now...

MASN to broadcast John Riggins show

(Don't get me wrong---I'm not defending the guy! If they have to have some ex-Oriole cover the Nats, then he should cover ONLY the Nats and not the Birds, too.)

Eddie Cunningham said...

BTW, I saw this article in the Washington Times today. You can't say that the Toad (or his minions) are unwilling to hire Washington sports icons now...

MASN to broadcast John Riggins show

(Don't get me wrong---I'm not defending the guy! If they have to have some ex-Oriole cover the Nats, then he should cover ONLY the Nats and not the Birds, too.)

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: I agree, whomever they choose, those folks should cover one team only, not both.

MissChatter said...

Ha that's funny - I did a very similar post on this very subject! I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

MASN is official home of Georgetown basketball, they're carrying Riggins show, they'll have Nationals pre- and post- game shows, and they'll carry 150 Nationals game - plus spring training.

Looks like plenty of DC programming.

Ted said...

Hi, that last anonymous sounds like an employee of MASN. If MASN wants to be a DC network, it'll need more Skins coverage than just John Riggins. Plus they should go after the rights to the Caps and Wiz, too.

Otherwise, it's just a Balmar network trying to look like the District's network.